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Both known and forgotten horror films of the 20th Century
Janna Dk MacDonald-Walsh

A movie that is designed to make you feel like you're in a video game, more specifically a first-person shooter. In all the movies I have seen that were either based off a video game, or had a video game feel to it, this is only the second one that I have seen where it is designed to have the audience as the protagonist. The first one being a brief scene in Doom (2005), but this is the first movie I have seen where you are portrayed as a first person shooter from beginning to end. I will give the film credit to being extremely unique with it's film style, but the storyline itself is extremely predictable. The audience is shown the perspective of Henry (Stuntmen: Sergey Valyaev, Andrei Dementiev and Ilya Naishuller), whom has had an arm and a leg replaced with robotic prosthetics and is reintroduced to a young woman, named Estelle (Haley Bennett). Estelle claims to be Henry's wife, and wants to help recover from some sort of accident. These plans go horribly wrong, however, when a man by the name of Akan (Danila Kozlovsky) ambushes them, and take Estelle hostage. Henry is rescued and aided by a man named Jimmy (Sharlto Copley), who leads him through the exciting underworld ruled by Akan. I liked the film because it is truly refreshing to see a movie trying to explore new ways to shoot a film, and make the audience feel they are one with the movie. It was a bit disappointing that the film was not shot in 3D, because I feel this is probably one of the few films that would have truly benefitted from being in 3D. The only warning that I will give before going to see this film is if you suffer from motion sickness, it might be best if you skip this film. Even without the 3D effect, the film does make you feel like you're part of the action, possibly a little too well. Great film for fans of first person shooters.


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