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Ah, you think the comics are your ally? You merely adopted the movies. I was born with them, molded by them.
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I want to post a disclaimer about this post before I get a little critical about it. I LOVE THIS SHOW! The heart, the team ups, the easter eggs, the amount of characters they've brought in, the twists, all a utopia for a nerdy fanboy like me. I want to point out a few things The Flash needs to get away from and consider going forward to get prevent getting stale like most other shows do. If you aren't caught up on season 2, I caution you about reading this. Well.. Because.. Spoilers dummy.

Actually Make Barry The Fastest Man Alive

Beat up at School Again Barry?
Beat up at School Again Barry?

It seems through two seasons, someone is always faster than Barry. Zoom, Trajectory, Reverse Flash. All 3 have been faster than Barry and has pushed him to up his speed force game. Make someone else work to match Barry's speed for a change. Have someone go mad in the pursuit of becoming faster than him. Every time Barry finally gets fast enough to beat someone, a new speedster comes in faster than the last. The tired trend needs to end. Perhaps season 3 will bring about a new speedster who requires mentoring rather than defeating. Can anyone else say Kid Flash?? AKA Wally West. It would bring a different theme to the show. Barry who has been the student, becomes the teacher.

Avoid Doing The Same Thing Again With The Big Bad

Same but Different
Same but Different

Season 1 was genius story telling. The mystery of the man in yellow over arching the season came with twists, turns, theories, and a satisfying reveal. So many times we thought it was Wells, then we were thrown off the scent, then we thought he was future Barry, then we thought there were multiple speedsters teaming up. It was gold and kept viewers tuning in every week for the next piece of the puzzle. Then season 2 came, we were licking our chops as soon as we saw Zoom and the season long mystery began again. Only for the writers to basically do the same thing! Granted, there were slightly different motives and how the plan was carried out, but can't we agree that the same basic formula was used for Zoom this season? Introduce Jay and Zoom. Throw us off Jay's scent right away. Leave us to come up with crazed fan theories that actually are better than the route they took. Who else was hoping for Earth-2 Henry Allen as Zoom? The only mystery left for season 2 is that the man in the iron mask has yet to be revealed (please be Eddie). Season 3 needs a fresh idea. We can still have the over arching mystery, but take it off the big bad's identity and more towards their master plan or some other mystery.

Stop The Will-They-Won't-They With Barry And Iris

I have suffered through Clark/Lana, Clark/Lois, Oliver/Laurel, Oliver/Felicty, Kara/Jimmy and now Barry/Iris. It has been two seasons. Either make it happen or don't. Stop teasing, stop hinting, stop the will-they-won't-they. It adds melodrama to any show and 99% of the time ends up in a messy break up that leads to more melodrama. If Barry and Iris are meant to be, make it happen now or ignore it until much later down the road. Olicity has made a mess of things on Arrow. I do not want to see that on the Flash. Yes Barry and Iris are meant to be in the comics, but so were Oliver and Dinah Lance (Laurel), and we know how that turned out. I would be ok with Barry and Iris never hooking up. With all this time travel, maybe some wrinkle, some where leads Baris from never happening. Just stop dangling the carrot. I personally would be interested to see a love interest for Barry that is another metahuman. Perhaps one that is on the other side of the law? We could get a little Batman/Catwoman vibe going. Oliver and Huntress's relationship was one of my favorite arcs on Arrow.

Don't Be Afraid To Create More Characters

Oh Cisco
Oh Cisco

Other shows have had success in creating original characters. The biggest case of this is Harley Quinn. Daryl Dixon is another great example. John Diggle is even a comic character due to Arrow. The Flash has the creative power and fan base to be able introduce and flesh out new characters. By doing this, you also keep fanboys like me at bay because I can't pull from any comic storylines to predict or compare. It brings a huge entertainment factor that really puts an exclamation point on this version of a beloved character.

Season 3 has great possibilities and I am excited to see this show continue to pick up steam and be the very best of what DC has to offer on the small screen. Each season builds upon a new element from the comics that is universe changing. Who would have though a Supergirl crossover was ever possible?? I love this show and I am excited to see where the future takes us.

Full speed ahead! Have anything to add, argue or comment on? Post below!


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