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The end of the world is coming. 20th Century Fox has just given us our final trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse before we get to enjoy new mutant goodness in all its glory.

If you're only just turning on the internet for the day (what's the matter with you?), check it out:

There were some pretty huge reveals and obvious cameos in this trailer, but it also included lots of little tidbits that are pretty fun to dig into for fans of X-Men comics.

Let's unpack it:

In The Footsteps Of En Sabah Nur

In this very cool shot, we get to see Oscar Isaac transform from handsome devil to literal devil as he morphs into the Apocalypse we know and love from the comics. This scene seems to be set in ancient times, but it's possible that En Sabah Nur only changes his appearance after waking up in the present day of the film.

One of Apocalypse's powers is to shift his body as needed — he has complete control of his molecules — but it's unclear whether he's using this ability to alter his appearance or if this is some external force. Whatever the case may be, it looks like we'll get to see Oscar Isaac's killer mug for at least a few minutes of the movie.

Finders Keepers

Rose Byrne's Moira MacTaggert lets us know via voice-over that Apocalypse has been stealing the powers of mutants for centuries, and we get this incredibly creepy visual depiction to go along with it.

It's difficult to tell if this is actually what Apocalypse "stealing powers" looks like or if it's just a super-creepy way for him to kill some dudes, but it's a very eerie scene that shows just how ruthless and uncaring the villain is, leaving numerous bodies behind him on the path to immortality.

The Four Horse(wo)men

This isn't new to this specific trailer, but it's still awesome to see Magneto, Storm, Psylocke and Angel forming up as Apocalypse's Four Horsemen. I have to believe that there is some manipulation going on here — at least, when it comes to Angel and Storm. But on the other hand I love that one of the biggest mysteries about this movie is exactly how all the players are going to come together — and what side they're going to be on when all is said and done.

It's important to remember that as of Days of Future Past, the X-Men movie history we thought we knew is out the window, so anything is fair game.

Magneto's Family?!

Days of Future Past introduced the X-verse's take on Quicksilver, a.k.a Pietro (Peter) Maximoff, a classic-rock-loving kid that has a penchant for stealing the scene. In the brief glimpse we had of his family, we learned that he had a little sister — the once and future Scarlet Witch — and an absentee father.

Well, this trailer decides to let the cat out of the bag to audience members that aren't comic book fans — Peter, and his little sister Wanda, are the children of Magneto. As Quicksilver so subtly explains:

Certainly exciting that they're going to dive into this relationship in Apocalypse, if only in passing. What's even more intriguing is Magneto's mention of losing his family, accompanied by this powerful image of what looks like the villain clutching the deceased:

Is the lost family he's referring to the Maximoff family? Or did he acquire — and subsequently lose — some other loved ones in the time between Days of Future Past and Apocalypse?

The Horsemen's Role In The Rise Of Apocalypse

I found it interesting that this shot of Apocalypse and the Horsemen is in Egypt, where we see En Sabah Nur at his earliest in the tag scene of Days of Future Past. Either the newly risen Apocalypse leads his disciples back to his old stomping grounds, or more interestingly, Magneto, Storm, Angel and Psylocke somehow unite to help restore him to power in the first place.

Xavier Walks!

We've seen this briefly in the other trailers, but Professor X seems to be harnessing the power of Apocalypse through Cerebro in this shot:

Notice his blacking eyes and the whirling purple energy in the background, similar to the energy we see surrounding Apocalypse on multiple occasions. Most importantly, in the Apocalypse/Xavier fight sequence that follows, it sure looks like Professor X is standing. Maybe the power of Apocalypse allowed him to walk once again?

You'll also notice the shifting of Apocalypse's size in this sequence, as mentioned above. Watch Apocalypse's hand grow from equal size to Xavier's to about the size of his entire body, basically like a mutant magic towel.

Mystique And Nightcrawler

We've seen Mystique and Nightcrawler in the same movie before, but it's looking like they'll be getting much more screen time together in Apocalypse than they did in X2.

In the comics, Nightcrawler's parents are Mystique and Azazel — the red Nightcrawler-looking mutant we met in First Class — though it's doubtful they'll be going that route in this movie. I suppose it's still possible for Mystique to be his mother, somehow, but I doubt that it'll be with a mutant she fought against two movies ago.

Still, it's fun to see that these characters will be sharing some scenes.

Betsy And The Beast

This sequence is probably the most fan pleasing for longtime X-fans, pairing together a fully mutated Beast with a badass Psylocke, a.k.a Betsy Braddock. The characters have a long history together — including Betsy dying to protect Hank at one point, not to mention plenty of flirtation over the years — so seeing her little smirk before Hank bats her into the sky is just a total fan service moment.

Comic Book Costumes In All Their Glory

Bryan Singer's first X-Men movie notoriously cracked jokes about the silly multicolored costumes that the comic book X-Men were known for wearing. It even caused Marvel to redesign the look of its comic characters to reflect the black leather featured in the film.

However, we live in a post-Marvel Cinematic Universe world, where adherence to the source material — silly costumes included — is encouraged. Things will always be made a little more functional for live action, of course, but it's great to see Apocalypse having a little more fun with its comic book heritage.

There's this new look for Mystique during the training sequence that harks back to her traditional garb:

Jean Grey shows off her affinity for green in one of the quick glimpses of the new cast, a call back to her days as Marvel Girl and Phoenix:

One of the best choices is introducing mohawked Storm to the movie universe:

Jubilee looks spot-on in bright pink and yellow, not to mention helping to remind viewers that this movie takes place in the 1980s (more on that later):

Psylocke probably has the most comic book look of anyone in the film, complete with bare legs and straps upon straps:

And though there's no super-clear shot of it in the trailer, it's obvious in this background image that Nightcrawler will be featured in a red jacket that hearkens back to his classic comic book look:

It's Definitely The '80s

That X-Men: Apocalypse is taking place in the 1980s isn't new information, but just like First Class and Days of Future Past before it, the filmmakers are making sure to use cultural and fashion touchstones to remind us this is a period flick.

There's the World Trade Center in this shot of the New York City skyline:

Nightcrawler looks like he's a huge fan of Prince and/or The Cure (confirming that he is, in fact, the best X-Man):

For that matter, this is an '80s crowd if ever I've seen one:

Quicksilver is enjoying some Ms. Pac-Man via an arcade cabinet in his room. Peter has some fantastic taste, given that Ms. Pac-Man is the clearly superior Pac-Man game:

Finally, just as First Class used the Cuban Missile Crisis as a cultural reference point, this imagery elicits thoughts of the Cold War in the 1980s and the constant threat of nuclear annihilation:

And these are definitely US weapons, as there's one that whizzes by the camera that clearly displays "US Air Force" if you slow it down to take a look:

Oh, and of course...

Sure, we expected him to make an appearance, but what a way to amp up the excitement.

'X-Men: Apocalypse' hits theaters May 26.


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