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What's the perfect combination for movie and TV show aficionados who like to enjoy a solid drink from time to time? A themed bar experience, of course.

Whether you're in the mood to guzzle White Russians just like the Dude or to slurp a Martini (shaken, not stirred) like our very own 007, there are bars all around the world to cater to your movie and TV mania. Check out some of the best:

1. Icebar In Stockholm, Sweden

Movie: Die Another Day

Channel your inner 007 and pretend that the girl next to you is Halle Berry when you swoop into this Icebar in Sweden. Don't drink and drive irresponsibly and smash a sports car into the building though, because y'now, that would be bad:

2. The Way Station In New York, USA

TV show: Doctor Who

The Way Station is a funky "steampunk bar" decked out with red leather booths and a glowing TARDIS time machine that pays homage to the cult sci-fi British series. Sadly, tottering into the TARDIS isn't going to transport you far, far away from the bustle of Brooklyn, but rather into the comparatively disappointing restroom area.

3. The Hobbit In South Hampton, England

Movie: The Hobbit

For the past 20 years, The Hobbit has been serving Lord of the Rings-themed cocktails. Choose a drink bearing the name of the series' most well-known characters and take note, if you manage to try them all, you get a t-shirt as a reward (hooray!).

The pub would like to reiterate that this Fellowship Quest need not be completely in one single visit. I suggest you try, though.

4. The Black Lodge In Berlin, Germany

TV show: Twin Peaks

For your very own David Lynch experience, The Black Lodge has got you covered. Red curtains and zig-zag patterned floors adorned the bar, where you can ditch the damn good coffee and go wild with rum and tonic instead.

5. Donny Dirk's Zombie Den In Minneapolis, USA

Movie: Night of the Living Dead

There's even a chainsaw behind glass with a sign that reads "In Case of Zombie Attack, Break Glass." What more could one want?

6. Lebowskis In Edinburgh, Scotland

Movie: The Big Lebowski

If you're on the lookout for the perfect White Russian, look no further than the depths of Scotland's capital, Edinburgh. Serving over 20 different varieties, many named after the movie's iconic characters, this is the place to go.

Maybe don't turn up in our dressing gown, though.

7. H.R. Giger Bar In Gruyères And Chur, Switzerland

Movie: Alien

Artist H.R. Giger has transformed the bar into an image out of your very worst nightmares, complete with horrifying creature designs of the Xenomorph and the Space Jockey. If you can think of a more pleasant way to spend the weekend, let me know.

8. Cafe Jack In Los Angeles, USA

Movie: Titanic

If you're near LA this weekend, why not pay homage to sweetheart Jack Dawson and relive your Titanic obsession at this Korean restaurant (yes, really). Housed in what appears to be an ocean liner, sample speciality rolls such as the Jack Rose Roll while washing it all down with some strong beverages — realistically, you're probably going to need to be drunk to pretend you're back in the '90s.

Which bar would you love to visit?


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