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The final trailer for "Jennifer Lawrence: The Movie" has made its way to the internet with just one month left until its release, and now we have a trailer that's pretty much all of Jennifer Lawrence giving Katniss Everdeen speeches while we get some occasional shots of cool superhero stuff. That's the end of this trailer review, goodnight, everyone.

Joking aside, this final trailer for "X-Men: Apocalypse" actually stands out from all of the other trailers in my opinion. Other than the Super Bowl TV spot, the trailers for this movie have been very dull and yawn-inducing and despite my anticipation for this movie, I feel like the marketing hasn't been able to capture the tone of this movie other than "dark and gloomy stuff". However, I actually liked this trailer because it finally has a sense of energy to it, among other things.

As far as this trailer goes in terms of comparing it to the first two, there's not much shown that we don't already know. Apocalypse is rising, he's assembling an army of mutants, and he basically wants to destroy the world. That's been the main focus on the trailers, but of the new additions to this trailer that I really liked was a small look at what's going on with Magneto. My big worry with him in this movie was that he would be joining Apocalypse because of mind control and that's always seemed like an easy device for movies, but it looks like Magneto is willingly joining Apocalypse over some personal matters. Not only does that makes his relationship with Charles Xavier seem more interesting, but it looks like we'll actually get to see an all-out villainous depiction of Magneto, something we've seen very little of in this new timeline.

On the flip side of that, though, we have Mystique doing everything that we don't want to see her character doing in this movie. One of my biggest problems with these "Apocalypse" trailers is that all of them are putting a lot of emphasis on Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. Nothing against Lawrence at all, but the marketing seems to be overexposing her for the sake of trying to pull in the Lawrence crowd. The problem with that is now we have a version of Mystique that comes off as uncharacteristic. With the first three "X-Men" films, Mystique was clearly a villain and even the newer timeline has depicted her as borderline villainous despite some of her good intentions. Now with this movie, I get the feeling that she's an actual hero as she leads her own group of mutants, and that doesn't feel like a Mystique attribute. As I said before, I'm getting more of a Katniss Everdeen vibe from her performance and that's not going to sit well with me if she's like that throughout the whole movie.

And at the very end of this trailer after the montage of the cool action shots, there's a shot that basically confirms that Wolverine is going to be in this movie. Granted all we see is his claws, so for all we know it could be some other character who just happened to grow adamantium claws, but it's more than likely going to be Wolverine at this point. The thing about this tease is that it's definitely Fox's answer to Marvel's "Spider-Man" reveal at the end of the "Civil War" trailer. All we really needed was for Wolverine to say "Hey, everyone" and circle would've been complete, but the tease is cool enough on its own since we know Wolverine is going to make an appearance.

In the end, this trailer doesn't offer a lot of new things that we haven't seen before, but this trailer had the right mix of action, fun, energy, and darkness and I feel like the "X-Men" films are at their very best whenever those tones are blended together in a cohesive fashion. As someone who's enjoyed the "X-men" movies not featuring a mess up version of Deadpool or not directed by Brett Ratner, I'm obviously exciting for this movie and hopefully it's one of many successful superhero movies to come out this year.


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