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This year I will be comparing the show to my early predictions. If you missed reading those you can catch up starting here:

Part 2:



Now, onward with the plot analysis for the episode.

@Castle Black:

We start right where we left off last season with the death of Jon Snow, which is probably most people’s highest point of interest. Jon’s direwolf; Ghost is howling and going into a frenzy, no doubt sensing what has happened to his kindred spirit, or is it something more? Is it possible that Ghost and Jon have warged into one body and 2 minds? It is too early to tell.

My prediction was that Davos Seaworth would retrieve Jon’s body, which turned out to be correct. Davos takes Jon back to a room to survey his wounds. Among those few still loyal to Jon is Dolorous Edd, and some unidentifiable characters of the Night’s Watch. They try to form a plan for revenge but realize "resistance is futile" due to their lack of man power.

Melisandre also surveys Jon’s body aghast at what she sees as she swore she saw his future, interestingly a future wherein he was fighting at Winterfell (Fending off the White Walker army perhaps?)

My prediction was that Alliser Thorne would call a meeting to announce Jon’s murder, which was correct however, I didn’t think Alliser would take blame for the kill but rather, try to pin it on the wildlings, but basically Alliser justifies his murder of Jon through Jon’s harboring and sheltering of the wildlings, which in a round about way brings us back to focusing on the conflict between the 2 factions. Which speaking of the Wildlings, where the heck are they.


Another dead body is being surveyed. Ramsay Bolton surmises the life and death of his once faithful lover; Myranda. However, we see that Ramsay holds nothing sacred and casts her aside to be served up as nothing more than dog food. This could easily become the fate of Sansa Stark had Ramsay used her to produce an heir and grown tired of her, had not Theon Greyjoy come to her rescue. Speaking of Sansa, Roose Bolton reminds Ramsay that although his defeat of Stannis’ forces was admirable, the loss of Sansa comes at a greater price. Her escape has put Ramsay in a position to be forcefully replaced and Ramsay does feel a sense of urgency to remain in power. Roose has reason to believe that by marrying Ramsay to Sansa they have deliberately defied the Throne. Remember that last season Queen Cersei discussed this matter with Littlefinger and gave him order basically to bring the Bolton’s to justice. Roose reminds Ramsay that their only saving grace would be to unite the entire remaining Northern army to their cause. Roose knows however that the North will only ever be loyal to a member of House Stark, which many believe Sansa is the only one living.

Hot on the trails of Sansa and Theon are Ramsay’s dogs. My prediction was that Theon would direct Sansa towards Castle Black at the Wall where they believe her brother Jon is, which is exactly what Theon suggests. I also predicted that Theon would try to sacrifice himself to save Sansa, which is basically what happened when he confronted the hounds before Brienne and Pod arrived to kill the beasts. And FINALLY us book readers have this scene where Brienne is able to make good on her oath to Sansa’s mother Catelyn and become Sansa’s guardian. This is coming hot off the heels of her rejection of Brienne last season, which apparently now Sansa is in a much more dire situation.

This group should provide us with some good, solid, character interaction and development. I personally have been looking forward to Sansa and Pod meeting up since this same time last year. I believe that Sansa and Pod’s characters will play off each other well, not necessarily in the romantic sense but more so due to their age and relation with Tyrion. So where will they go from here? Now that they have horses, weapons, and greater numbers they certainly stand a chance against the no doubt relentless pursuit of Ramsay. I’m going to stick to my prediction that they will head further north but avoid the king’s road, eventually coming to a standstill against Ramsay’s forces.

As for Stannis, the show is allowing the mystery to linger and fanning the flames, which could only mean that he is alive and up to something, but what does he have left to offer? The only possible outcome like I said in my prediction is that he & Brienne reached some sort of agreement, and that Brienne will lead the group into a coup’, setup for defeat of the Bolton’s. Butttt I’m getting too far ahead of myself.

@ King's Landing:

Now here’s where my prediction turned out wrong, Jaime comes back to Cersei, pathetic with his tail between his legs and their dead daughter. Now why would he do that knowing Cersei the way she is?

I think it would have made much better sense and better entertainment if Jaime had stayed back in Dorne seeking vengeance for the murder of his daughter or at the very least to escape the emotional hell that Cersei would put him through. Sigh* alas here we have Jaime trying to console Cersei over their dead daughter. Now we have to listen to this rather somber and frankly morbid discussion. However it does seek to remind us of the prophecy of Maggy the Frog from Cersei’s flashback scene last season. Two kids dead, 1 more to go, and that 1 just happens to be the King. This scene doesn’t quite play true to Cersei’s character in my opinion. Seems as though she would be livid and hell bent on revenge at this point while also scolding Jaime rather than embracing him. Just last season she was blaming him for this and that, ordering him around, and having a great deal of disdain for him on her face, and now…hugs and whispers?

Next, a wasteful scene with Margaery still in the same place (dungeon). Absolutely no development. Just reminding the audience where we left off. YAWWWNNN.

@ Dorne:

Ok what in 7 hells is going on in Dorne? Are they really doing this with the plot? They are totally throwing the book out the window on this one. I guess I can’t blame them too much for not following the books as the Dornish plot is probably the most subtle and confusing to follow, not to mention very much unfinished but, I can’t say the writers of this episode are doing us any favors. I knew the plot was steering in this direction with Ellaria going Rogue, but I had no idea it would happen this fast or this haphazardly. So Ellaria orders her sand snakes to murder the ruler of Dorne: Doran Martell, and his son; Trystane so that she can assume rule. Well isn’t that swell? So I presume this means she will initiate a war against the Lannisters, but with what Army? Dorne is know to have the fewest number of soldiers in all of Westeros even after the war has considerably diminished Lannister forces, it seems her ambition is all for naught.

Furthermore, Myrcella could have been her bargaining chip, but I suppose revenge for the sake of revenge is as deep as this show can get. Seems like the show runners don’t know what to do with Dorne and just want to write it off as if it were only part of a checklist of demands from the fans. I’m kind of hoping they are through with it for this season. However, I know it’s probably going to get worse. After all, they have 1 more Lannister child to kill. I could rant on this for hours.

@ Mereen:

Tyrion Lannister and Varys are left to pick up the pieces of Dany’s fledgling empire. Tyrion makes the rounds about the city getting a feel for the political climate and the needs / concerns of the people. Danger lurks in the shadows as the sons of the harpy have burned what appears to be the entire naval fleet of the Mereen. Oh Daenerys, where for art thou Daenerys?

On the case of the missing dragon queen are detectives Jorah Mormont, and Daario, who seem to be getting along really well (A little too well). They found the ring she undoubtedly dropped for them as a breadcrumb leading to her location. So after some lovely conversation about old lady pubic hair, we learn that my prediction was right on the money in that the Dothraki have decided to take Dany back to Vaes Dothrak and the temple of the Dosh Kahleen. Which is not the worst fate in the world but not ideal for a queen. Where’s that dragon when you need it? If only she knew how to call it.

@ Braavos:

Arya, Arry the orphan, Cat of the Canals , Blind Beth , the girl without a name, is sitting on the streets begging for money, when the Waif confronts her and they start having impromptu Aikido practice. Their Bo staff fight is rather one sided and unfair, as the waif mops the floor with her. It is clear that Arya needs to brush up on her Daredevil skills. “Luke, Use the Force!”

And now the scene that everyone is buzzing about; the big reveal of what’s really under the skirt. Ser Davos is pressed with an ultimatum from Alliser; leave now and you can go peacefully, but Davos knows better. They have little time and fewer options, but Davos suggest using the help of titular Red Woman; of course Melisandre. “What is 1 red head going to do against an army of 40 armed men?” asks one of the boys loyal to Jon. Apparently, she is going to take off all her clothes off and go to sleep. How’s that for being passive?

Of course the big shocker to non book readers is the reveal of Mel’s true form of that of a decrepit old woman. I’m talking realllly old. Now the scene seems to be stirring up some controversy as to whether it was the Ruby necklace that maintained her disguise or some other form of magic such as the vial of potions she uses. Now it’s hard to interpret if this means she is giving up or that her power has run out or she just needs to take a look at her true self once again. Maybe the time for deception is over? Either way it really seems hopeless for her, Ser Davos, and so many others that supported Jon.

I’m betting that we don’t get to see this unfold next episode, as we still have a few characters to catch up with IE: Bran Stark and Co. ,Samwell Tarly, Gilly, and the ageless baby. Mayhaps we will get to see Euron and or Victarion Greyjoy this season? There’s also Osha and Rickon, The Tyrell’s have a mess to sort out.

So there’s plenty more to cover in the mean time, before we get back to the predicament at the wall.

Final Opinion:

All in all this was a good episode and a surprisingly entertaining first episode of the season. Let’s hope they can keep this momentum, avoid unnecessary mellow drama, sexcapades, and immature dialog. This season is bound to have some big reveals and epic moments. I can’t wait for more.


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