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“As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push.” ― The Joker - Heath Ledger
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Horror is one of the best genres around, but what do you do when you've exhausted all of the gory Hollywood blockbusters? If you dig a little deeper, there are plenty of amazing horror movies outside of theaters, including incredible Asian horror films. I got tired of waiting and that's where my love for Asian horror came along.

I've seen many Asian horrors over the years now, and I thought: Why not share my favorites with you guys? I first want to inform that you probably won't be seeing Asian horrors that Hollywood has remade on my list. They have been seen and hyped over for quite long enough. I want to bring other Asian horrors to your attention — they've made more than just The Grudge you know!

Scroll on down and check out my top 10 Asian horror movies. Although I do have to warn you — if you check these out, you may not be able to sleep afterwards!

10. Kuchisake-onna/Carved

I really did enjoy this one. The film is about a woman who asks you a question before killing you. You may not find this one that scary, but it's a good watch and it scared me enough to add it on the list, so give it a chance!

9. Alone

Alone is about a dead Siamese twin who returns to haunt her living sister — even in death they're always together. The film is very well done; it's really eerie and well-paced. Also also the directors of Shutter made this one, so you guys already know how scary it is.

8. Marebito

This isn't a very long film, only running for 90 minutes, but Shimizu did film the whole thing in eight days, so you've got to give him credit for that. The story's about a man who finds a woman tied up and decides to take her home, only to find out she only drinks human blood. It's a pretty creepy film that any big horror fan would enjoy.

7. White: The Melody of The Curse

This film is about a girl group who become cured after singing an old song their manager decides to remake. Again, it might not come off as that scary, but I think it's creepy enough and I really enjoyed it, so give it shot for me, OK?

6. Battle Royale

This film isn't actually a horror, but the film is really twisted. Battle Royale is like The Hunger Games only darker and more brutal. It's not in the horror genre, but it should be.

5. Audition

I love when horror movies really creep me out. It takes a certain type to do so and Audition is one of those. The film follows Aoyama, a man looking for a new lover by using fake auditions to find one. He soon starts dating Asami, however she isn't what he thinks. The film is a must see in my opinion, I believe many of you horror-heads would really enjoy it.

4. Voice

While practicing late at night, Park Young-eon is killed and her body is never found. Her ghost now haunts and torments the girls from her school. I know it sounds a little plain, but just give it a watch; it's a nicely-paced film with a great storyline.

3. The Red Shoes

This film has a fair amount of gore, but don't let that turn you away. The storyline alone is amazing and the acting is just beautiful! This is an awesome horror film, you wouldn't think shoes could cause so much trouble. The storyline is dark but also quite beautiful, it shows that are human desires could lead us down a very dark path.

2. The Doll Master

Five young people go on a trip to a museum, believing that they'll be posing as doll models. But what's supposed to be a fun trip turns into an unpredictable nightmare that many will not escape from. The Doll Master truly is a creepy film; it drags on a small bit, but the ending is worth wait.

1. The Wig

Ever wanted to buy a wig? Well, I bet you won't after you watch this. Su-Hyeon is sick with cancer and losing her hair due to chemotherapy. Her sister goes out and buys her a wig, but the wig is possessed by a fiend. It's as creepy as it sounds and I highly recommend watching really late at night!.

Hope you guys enjoyed my list, and hopefully you'll check a few of these out. If you've already seen them, let me know what you think — I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading and follow for more content!


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