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Who do you think May or Skye would team-up with if given the chance. I will also provide a breakdown of the characters, their best scenes and my pairing. Who will want deadpool? Well find out in this video:

Jemma Simmons and Foggy Neslon.

Best scene for Simmons, infiltrating Shield/Hydra:

Best Foggy Nelson scene, defending Punisher in court:

These characters are both side characters in their own TV shows, however have had some of the best character development in their respective seasons. Foggy whilst he was defending Punisher in court was so good and so was Simmons episode where she was stuck on an alien planet for the whole episode. Both showed top notch acting. This team-up would be so amazingly good. Forget Nelson and Murdoch or FitzSimmons get Simmons and Nelson. The only downside is none of them have great fighting ability. My pairing would be Simmons and Ant-man I just think they could do a great heist movie.

Melinda May and the Hulk

These characters are fighting machines. This is probably the one I would love to see the most. Just two independent characters that don't need orders but just know what to do when needed. MARVEL MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Melinda May and Cap or Widow would be cool as well as they are just brawlers.

Quake and Deadpool

This would be a sick pairing. Daisy, causing earthquakes and blowing things up whilst Deadpool shoots and makes quips. Although I like this pairing a much better one would be Daisy with Hulk, it would just be pure destruction.

Lincoln and Daredevil

Although the actor said he wanted to be paired up with Daredevil or Hulk. I would say he is better suited for Iron man, Black Widow or Captain America. Plus I'm saving Daredevil for Mac.

Mac and Daredevil

Sorry for the quality but I just had to have this scene in.

SHOTGUN-AXE and the man without fear. This would be so cool. Both characters are amazing, especially in the 'watch dogs' Agents Of Shield episode, which I recommend. These two together would just be an amazing fighting machine. I have no preferred team up.

Lastly Ward and Fury

This is a good one as they are both renown shield agents. I don't really know who Ward would go with, that would be much better, maybe Winter Soldier.

One more fight scene for luck. The Punisher

I would personally recommend watching these series and movies as they are really good most of the time ( i'm looking at both thor movies and iron man 2).

Don't forget to comment and tell me who you would like to see paired together. Also check out some of my other article as well. I just started a new series of DCEU plots written by me. I would say they are good, but that is just me, find out for yourself.


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