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Daredevil's second season released March 18, 2016 on Netflix. Sadly, I'm only about seven episodes in on the new season. Now, even though I have only seen half the season, my love for this show has already grown and my heart has been kind of broken as well.

There is a very powerful, challenging, and bittersweet aspect that this show brings out in this second season (more then the first) by way of the two bestfriends' of the series, Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock.

The Beginning of the Dissension

Matt and Foggy have been best-friends since college. They've worked together for the same business after college then started their own law firm along with Karen Page- who happened to be their first client and new friend. Even though they have known each other for such a long time, Matt was never completely honest with Foggy about his abilities. Yes, obviously Foggy knew he was blind, but not that all his other senses were heightened to unnatural levels which gave him unbelievable abilities and that he learned to fight at a very young age which all built him into the crime fighting Daredevil that he is (pun completely intended).

However, as of season one Foggy did find out that Matt doesn't just possess unusual abilities but he is in fact the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. Foggy didn't have too great of feelings about Daredevil in the first place, so to find out that person is his bestfriend, was kind of a hard pill to swallow. So, yes, you can say that it didn't go very well at first.

Foggy and Matt manage to keep this secret between each other and still work together and get along like normal, for the most part. However, as of season two things are getting a lot harder and there is a lot more animosity they have between each other. With Nelson and Murdock taking on the case of the decade dealing with Frank Castle, and Matt also trying to deal with bigger troubles in the city as Daredevil all at the same time, there is a lot of secret keeping, animosity, and confusion.

The Division

I don't think that anyone is on the side of Foggy in this situation. Now, I'm not saying that I am on his side, but neither am I saying that I am completely on the side of Matt. I guess that I'm in a neutral position because I can understand each person's point of view.

Foggy's View-point

Foggy's bestfriend, in the world, lied to him or "withheld the truth" from him for years about his blindness, abilities, and what he does on his late nights (kicking bad guys head in, saving innocent folk, and almost getting himself killed).

Now, sure, I think I could say that if I were to find out that my blind bestfriend was a crime-fighting hero that could hear through walls, run on roof tops after bad guys, and smell what I had for lunch 6 hours ago, sure I would be pretty excited and mind-blown.However, not everyone can receive that the same. No one wants someone that they love and care for to be in danger and in harm's way, even though they're doing good.

To add to Foggy's side of this, he started a business with Matt- a struggling business where everyone involved are all struggling already and are basically depending on each other. They took on the Frank Castle case because of Matt's determination, even when Foggy clearly never wanted to because at one wrong turn or if they pushed too hard it could be the end of their careers and their name would be ruined. Once taking on this case, Matt basically abandoned Foggy and Karen to deal with it themselves, even though it was for a good cause.

Sure there is the idea of keeping secrets to keep the ones you love most safe, but really how much danger would Foggy be in if he knew who Matt was from the beginning? How would anyone even know that Foggy was aware? Its not like their circle is all that big and very few know Daredevil's actually identity anyway.

What's wrong with Foggy's view

I'm not okay with a lot of the things that Foggy has said to Matt, especially in episode seven of season 2. His words were harsh and untrue, he spoke as if he never truly knew Matt, but I guess that's what people do when they're mad.

Maybe if he took a moment to look at things from Matt's view, he could handle this better. Matt is his bestfriend and he would never mean to put him in harm's way or trouble which is why he kept this secret. Matt wants to do good or right by and for everyone and being a lawyer/vigilante is the best way he can see it being done. He isn't just trying to be a hero, he already is. Not to mention how horrible of a life he had, for sure as a child, with his father being killed by the very people he has the ability to stop. His mission and work is bigger then just him or their friendship it's for everyone around.

Matt's Point of View

Matt had such a sad childhood. His mother was absent, his father got beat up as a living and then murdered, he became an orphan, and was blind with these superhuman senses he couldn’t understand. All of this built Matt into a selfless and caring man who believes in justice, mercy, purpose, and truth. He will put his life on the line in a moment for the greater good of everyone, especially the ones that he loves. Sometimes, that means keeping secrets to keep the ones he love safe and as far away from his unusual and dangerous life as possible. Which is what he did for Foggy and Karen’s sake.

As far as keeping Foggy out of the light about him being Daredevil and having his abilities was just him trying to protect him and keep him away from his crazy life, which could always end up in his death. As well, those aren’t things you just randomly tell someone easily, even your bestfriend.

Matt Murdock is a definite hero. Even though he may have to keep some thing secret, he is fighting (literally) for the right cause, the best way he knows how. With a heart for justice and truth, and being given superhuman abilities there is no other way to go but in the path of a hero. That path isn't easy and is hard, but it is necessary in its own way and it is almost hard to question.

What's wrong with Matt’s view

When you know somebody for so long and become close friends with them, there comes a time where you share your burdens and even secrets. Now, if you are with this person daily and working with them in a struggling business that depends on the both of you (plus one), yes, there needs to be a sharing of secrets. To add to that, if there is also the possibility that on any random night you- the person this business needs and your friends need- can end up dead, when the next morning you’re suppose to show up to work for a case, that possibility only increases the seriousness of the situation. Matt isn't just an awesome superhero, he is a man, a friend and a coworker.

Also, Matt putting Foggy in a position where he has to lie or withhold truth from Karen because of his own situations isn’t fare, because she is also Foggy's friend. On top of that, taking on the Frank Castle case even with Foggy being completely against it (which is another subject). Well, Matt, along with Karen, managed to convince him of it no matter the threat or harm. As soon as they take the case, Matt slacks and barely is around to do what needs to be done so Foggy and Karen have to double down. Sure he had a great reason, but he even waits too late to inform Foggy about it.

The Conclusion

In the midst of all the chaos and confusion and no matter who is liked more for whatever reason, I think that the both of them are right for different, stated reason. It's kind of hard to say that because Matt is the hero, and the idea is that you can't put the one saving lives in the wrong, but in this situation, with the amount of detail we get, it really isn't that simple.

I can only hope that things become better to some degree for them or at least back to what they use to be even with the secrets and new issues revealed now. Their friendship is too special for them to let it go for any of these recent occurrences. They need to work it out.


Who do you stand with the most?


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