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What is 'Stormtroopers'?

Stormtroopers is a short story about an ATAT Stormtrooper Platoon shot down behind Rebel lines and features Irish racing driver Micheal Fitzgerald and Toby Bajrovic. The short film asks the questions: "...are the Jedi the only servile weapon mongers of the Rebel Alliance vying for control over the galaxy?" "Are Stormtroopers really the Band of Brothers of the Star Wars universe and are they undermined by Rebel infiltrators?"

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Stormtroopers was filmed in the desert of Western Australia and in the Irish Military War Museum in Ireland by an Irish Australian production team. Micheal Fitzgerald is an Actor and a veteran Racing Driver in Formula Ford having raced in the United Kingdom, Ireland & Australia. He has appeared in many Australian & Irish Film & Television productions such as Home & Away and the recent RTE 1916 - Every County Series.

With the recent Star Wars Rogue One trailer being released there is a growing demand for Star Wars universe content both from the parent production houses, licensed fiction and fan films. With Stormtroopers, we hope to answer the call and give fans what they've been asking for.

May the 4th be with you.


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