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Marvel is gearing up for a battle of epic proportions. On May 5, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark will face of in Captain America: Civil War. In preparation for the main event, Agents of SHIELD's Clark Gregg and Agent Carter's Hayley Atwell took the fight to a whole other level. On April 21, Cap's biggest fan and his long lost love, faced off in the most brutal, intense, serious battle we've ever seen. Fortunately, it was taped for posterity and for the amazement of future generations. I give to you... Clark Gregg and Hayley Atwell... in... a... LIP SYNC BATTLE!:

Wasn't that amazing/disturbing?!?! Now the real question remains, WHO WON? Patience is a virtue! Before you can really appreciate the outcome of this epic musical cage match, you have to know the tension filled back story! It all started last year at Comic-con...

You know what? Why explain all of this when our favorite Marvel TV stars can do it for me?

Two teams, once bound by friendship, were now headed towards an all out war. Sound familiar?

Yes, it was a pre-Civil War, civil war, and it had seemingly reached the final battle. Two teams, two charities, 6 dub-smashes, and millions of donations combined in an epic final battle:

The winner of this dub-smash battle? Team Carter:

Team SHIELD had lost. It seemed as though it was all over. All hope was lost, BUT THEN! One final fight was announced. The leaders of both teams would be pitted against each-other in a Lip Sync Battle. Who would emerge as the final victor of this confrontation to remember?! Would SHIELD get the representation it always deserved?!

Clark Gregg won the night! Team SHIELD emerged victorious! The only question left to answer is: Where and when will this Marvel-ous Television face-off continue?!


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