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Cap' and Spidey are boss
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I just watched the third and final trailer for [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) and I LOVED IT. I love that Mystique has taken charge of the X-Men, Quicksilver is going to be just as funny as he was in Days of Future Past, and that NIghtcrawler looks like a boss. I hope that this movie turns out to be everything that most of the past X-Men films were not.

Watch the trailer below then read my analysis:

1. Apocalypse's Origins: Now it has already been established in previous trailers that Apocalypse, or En Sabah Nur, is the world's first mutant that has the ability to control other mutants. But this new trailer gives a potential reason as to why he was so powerful. What if mutants did not occur naturally thousands of years ago, but instead were created by Egyptian magic, as seen in the photo below. That would explain why Apocalypse is so powerful.

2. The Darkness: At about the 35 second mark, Magneto says that whatever it is that Charles Xavier saw in him was buried when he buried his family. Whoa. So, not only is Magneto one of the evil Apocalypse's Four Horseman, but he also appears to have murdered his family. That would be a dark turn for the X-Men to take, and I would love it.

3. The Film Will Go Global: The previous X-Men films, except for X-Men: First Class, have mostly maintained a setting within the borders of the United States. But the picture below clearly shows that Sydney, Australia will be featured in the film. Whether or not the city will be a major setting or just a short glimpse of the city will be shown during Apocalypse's time taking over the world.

4. It Looks Like Professor X Is Going To Get Kidnapped: Right after another shot of Apocalypse beating the crap out of Professor X, Hank McCoy (Beast) is seen telling Raven (Mystique) that he's been taken. And given the probable extent of the beat down that Apocalypse gave Professor X, and the picture shown below, it most likely will be Charles will be kidnapped.

5. Mystique Must Lead The X-Men: If Professor X indeed does get kidnapped, then it appears that the X-Men will look to Raven for help leading the team, even though she doesn't feel that she is able to on account of that she is not a hero.

6. Magneto Is Indeed Quicksilver's Father: Quicksilver has had two separate movie adaptions in the past two years, and honestly, I'm not sure which one I loved more. However, after this film, I'm thinking that Evan Peters version of the beloved speedster might just take the cake, especially if him being Magneto's son turns out to be the awesome father son conversation that I hope it does.

7. An Epic Final Battle: Over the course of all the X-Men movies, there has not been a truly superhero worthy final battle that even comes close to that of the Marvel Studios Universe. But after watching this trailer, it seems like my wish will finally come true, with awesome action obviously going to come from battles like Storm vs Cyclops and Psylocke vs Beast.

8. X-Mansion Is Going To Get Demolished: With the exception of X2: X-Men United, there has not been a single action scene that takes place at X-Mansion, but it looks like that is going to change.

9. William Stryker is Back: William Stryker has now been in 3 movies not counting Apocalypse, with a total of 3 different actors playing the character. I'm not sure what he will be up to in the new movie.

10. Something Crazy Is Going To Happen With Cerebro: In every one of the trailers, there are clips of Charles Xavier using Cerebro, presumably to find Apocalypse, but in this one Logan Summers (Havok), is shown uni-beaming something in the cerebro chamber. Maybe Xavier using cerebro is somehow how Apocalypse gets into X-Mansion.

11. Wolverine's Return: There had been only rumors as to whether or not Hugh Jackman's Wolverine would make an appearance in the newest installment of the X-Men franchise. Although, we still don't know if that is Hugh Jackman with the bloody hand, but it probably is.

So, there is my analysis of the newest and final trailer. Did I miss anything? What about X-Men Apocalypse has you excited? Let me know in the comments!


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