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With the identity of Zoom revealed in last week's episode of "The Flash", there is yet, only one more mystery left to reveal; who is the masked man on Earth-2.

Here is what we know about the man in the mask;

  • He tapped out "Jay" in the POW tap code. But when Barry said that Jay was on Earth 1, the man freaked out ad started to bang against the glass.
  • When Barry asked Zoom about how the man is, Zoom replied to him by saying that they wouldn't believe even if he told them.
  • The masked man was in a cage that was made with the same materials as Barry's cage.
  • Zoom made the man wear the mask that maybe disables his ability to talk ( if he can talk).
  • The masked man also freaked out when Zoom tossed his time remnant's body on the ground.
  • He was happy when Barry escaped and said that he will come back for him.
  • He was in the cage before Jesse got kidnapped by Zoom.

Here are some possible choices I came up with.

Earth-2 Wally West


The masked man can be Wally West as in the previous episode, when Zoom raced away from Barry after their talk about family, it was weird how Zoom knew where to find Wally as Zoom never met him and that he knew that Barry would sacrifice his powers to save him. Another reason that I think Wally may be the masked man is how in the episode "Versus Zoom", Detective Joe made a remark about what a Earth-2 Wally may be like. This remark may be a hint towards him being the man in the mask.

Hunter Zoloman's Dad


As we have seen from Cisco's "vibes", Zoom didn't care whether the masked man saw his face when he took his mask off in the ending of the King Shark episode. This shows that Zoom might be confident that the masked man will never be freed or that the masked man had already seen him without the mask on or knows him. The fact that the masked man has a mask to cover his face makes sense, since on the latest episode of "The Flash", Zoom was shocked when he saw pictures of his parents so maybe he doesn't want to see his dad's face or his voice but wants to be reminded why he does what he does. Another reason that this theory makes sense is that Hunter's father was in the military and he probably knows the POW tap code from there.

The Real Jay Garrick


Hunter Zoloman has lied before and who knows if he's lying about impersonating as a hero in Earth-2 which he said he did in. I believe that he's lying as he said that he can't do speed mirage as he isn't fast enough but yet, Earth-2 civilians have seen Zoom fight with Jay Garrick, which doesn't make sense. Another reason that I think the masked man is the real Jay Garrick is because the cage was a speedster cage and the man wore a mask with handcuffs and like in the episode where Barry went back in time, he was handcuffed with no phrase-able handcuffed, these hand cuffs could have the same effect. As Jay Garrick is supposed to be older than the Flash (according to the comics), Jay probably knows the POW tap code from wars like World War 1 and World War 2 and how he got flustered when Barry said that Jay was fine in Earth-1 which can interpreted as Jay being frustrated that Zoom was tricking Barry and getting close to them.


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