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I'm a fan of all things modern mythology, but I'm partial to Marvel...and the X-Men...and Black Panther...I love Marvel comics.
Kevin Porter II

First, I'd like to give my delayed–by a full month–review of the "Batman v. Superman" film. I'll keep it short: I throughly enjoyed the movie. Sure, it was pure popcorn and soda, but what would one expect from a (almost) summer superhero blockbuster? There isn't much you can do with a god posing as a mild-mannered reporter, on screen.

With that said, Batman has been seen from so many creative character angles, its refreshing to finally see him as he's never been seen on screen, as a real superhero. The Nolan films weren't superhero films, they were just great films. This Batman was everything we should have had before. A genius human, with super gadgets, and damn near superhuman abilities. I was initially skeptical about Ben Affleck, but his portrayal of Batman changed my mind.

It gets down to what the average viewer was expecting. I went into the theater expecting a live-action Bruce Timm episode of the Batman/Superman crossover. I was satisfied. If the average movie goer, and critic, was expecting something akin to a character driver Marvel movie, you were bound to be disappointed. If you were expecting a Nolan-esque cinematic experience...well, I seriously hope that wasn't your expectation. Zack Snyder makes comic book films, good ones. Chris Nolan makes cerebral cinema, great movies. He does not make super hero/ comic book films.

So lets get to the titular point, DC took a hit with this hugely anticipated film. This shot didn't come in the form of their fiscal windfall, but in the form of the faith we'll have in their films going forward. Critics gave it a resounding "for The Watch" stabbing, and the majority of its fans were less than impressed. The film has made an estimated $319,500,000 domestically according to However, this is still not as impressive a turn out as many had hoped, especially with Captain America: Civil War looming.

What DC definitely shouldn't do is hang any of their creative leaders out to dry. Zack Snyder has always drawn the ire of critics. He makes box-office blockbusters, critics aren't generally going to go for those. They should definitely take a page from Marvel's book and pace themselves. Combining to iconic figures in a feature film, without building their new cinematic presence individually, seriously hampered the scree presence of the two heroes. I didn't feel as connected to either hero as I should have been. My character investment came from my previous comic knowledge, and had nothing to do with the film.

Lastly, PACE YOURSELVES! Marvel built their cinematic universe over the course of eight years, you can't ride previous adaptations here. Bringing all of the heroes into one movie, ushering in the 'Death of Superman' storyline right off, and trying to thread so many interweaving stories in 2.5 hours does not work. Spiderman 3 tried it, and we all know how that went.

As a comic book fan, and a fan of the superhero film genre, I can't wait for more DC Films. However, they have to pump the brakes and build their newly minted adaptations a bit more, before they expect to see any real positive fan response. August is quickly approaching, and "Suicide Squad" will definitely tell us whether DC can truly make their presence known and respected in the Marvel era of superhero films.


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