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Minor Spoiler Alert

"I NEED A NEW SUIT", Said Batman in his growled voice to Lucius Fox,

"For the last time...I know it's you Bruce, why do you have to keep the bat voice?", said Fox in a questioning tone.



This list isn't necessarily about mistakes due to editing purposes but a mistake mainly because it shouldn't of happened. These awkward moments can make a great character feel lesser among others. So, without any further ado, these are some of the most ridiculous moments in your favorite live action superhero movies and TV series.

1. Catwoman steals from Batman very easily

There is no doubt that 'The Dark Knight Rises' was an entertaining film, that being said it had it's questionable moments as well. In the scene shown above we get Selina Kyle knocking over Batman and leaving with his precious necklace. To some this scene looks rather normal, to others, this scene is pretty disturbing. Batman is trained in many different fighting styles and even figures out that Selina Kyle isn't just a regular thieve. That being known, Bruce let's her walk SLOWLY up to him, knock out his cane, and leave with the necklace. This is Batman we are talking about, a trained bad ass! No. I don't care if his leg sucked than, Oh and remember when she stole his keys at the dance? No.

2. Daredevil and his walking stick

I am going to be the first to say that this show absolutely rocks! There are some parts like his super hearing that bother some fans though. Yes, in the comics Matt Murdock uses a walking stick to get around during the day but does it really make all that sense? It might make sense to fool the public but as seen in the show he uses the walking stick to get around even in front of people that know that he is the Daredevil. Viewers of the show can obviously notice he can easily get around without the walking stick when he dons the why use it in front of people who know who he is?

3. Spider sense has a mind of it's own

The Spider-Man trilogy was original and fresh and made room for other directors to take the idea to their own standards. Whether you're Toby or Andrew is up to you but in both versions their are some mistakes. One of Spider-Man's main advantages is his spider sense which is explained in both franchises. The only problem with this is it randomly shows up and disappears in the film. Spider sense is Spider-Man's way of knowing danger, so why in the hell is he taking such a beating! Oh there it is.

4. Good thing aliens speak English

'Guardians of the Galaxy' was a surprising film that shocked audiences with it's amazing action, story, and comedic moments. The problem with this film is that practically every alien that the Guardians come in contact with speak English. While yes, this makes a movie easier to create it still doesn't really make logical sense. Earth created it's own languages just like other planets would create their own as well. The percentages of possibility just sadly do not add up.

5. Superman takes years to master powers on Earth, Zod takes a day

'Man of Steel' brought Superman back to life in more ways than one. This film had some confusing moments in it though. The film made sure to go into deep detail that it would take years for Clark to master his powers because Earth was much different than Krypton. After many years Clark discovers his true potential and masters the super powers that make him. When Zod's army show up they have no problem with Earth and go right at it. They do show Zod controlling it for a second but that is the problem, it took him a second to master his powers on Earth! Superman was raised on Earth and it took him years!

6. Tony Stark destroys suits...shows up in Avengers anyway

After the end of Iron Man 3 Tony decides to destroy all the copies of the Iron Man suit so that he can start a fresh slate and be the only Iron Man. That all changes when the next installment of the Marvel film 'Age of Ultron' appears and shows us that Tony has made more Iron Man guards for the anyway. There was no real point in destroying suits if he was going to make a whole new set anyway. Sorry Pepper, Stark needs to invent.

7. The Wolverine loses his healing power but can still be shot

'The Wolverine' was a wonderful revival of the awful 'Origins' film. We finally got to see who Wolverine really was and what he was capable of doing. One of the issues in this film was when Viper poisons Wolverine. This slowed down his healing factor to a stop, but even with that in effect Wolverine can still be shot, beat up, and practically stabbed with no problem. I guess the movie would have been boring if he dies right off the bat though.

8. Hulk is always angry

This scene alone kicks so much ass. The thing is that it doesn't make as much logical sense as it wants to. Fans agree that we needed Hulk to finally come out, but maybe if the screenwriters explained it a little better. We see Banner say that he is always angry and can control The Hulk, but earlier we saw him go complete ballistic on Thor and Black Widow. It was a scene that was awesome that needed more explaining.

What are some questionable moments in great superhero films and TV shows?

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