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Hush is a 2016 psychological horror/thriller that definitely takes home invasion films to a whole new level. The film was directed by Mike Flanagan and it was written by both Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel. Kate Siegel also stars in the film as Madison a.k.a "Maddie", a deaf author living in a cottage out in the middle of the woods surviving only off of the money made by her novels. Occasionally her friends and neighbors Sarah and John will come over and keep her company.
Basically she lives in a very secluded area where not many people other than her two friends reside so she can focus on her work without any distractions. However, one night while she's struggling heavily with writer's block on her next project, an unknown man decides to show up at her cottage only to harass her, stalk her, make her feel helpless, drive her crazy then come inside to kill her at the time he sees fit.

You see, I've never really been into the whole "home invasion" setting of a horror film. I did enjoy The Strangers, but a lot of them have become too predictable to me. Nevertheless, this one surprised me quite a bit. It definitely wasn't one of those that were predictable to me and stands alone having giving it a creepy feel throughout the duration of the film. This is one that I absolutely recommend to all psychological horror fans out there if you haven't already seen it. Of course if you haven't seen it, you can find it on Netflix.

4 out of 5 skulls


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