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Episode 40 of Dragon Ball Super ended with Universe 7 winning the tournament.

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Now we have a whole lot of new updates in hand. As titles and descriptions up to Dragon Ball Super Episode 45 got revealed. Well, in the trailer of episode 41, we already saw The Dragon God Zarama (the Dragon God is summoned using the super dragon Balls) and the lord of everything, Zeno sama.

#42 (08 May): “An Uproar at the Victory Celebration! Facing Off at Last?! Monaka vs. Son Goku”

Goku and the other members of Universe 7’s team have safely notched their victory [against Universe 6]. But their victory celebrations are short-lived, as the Zen’ō (“Lord[s] of everything”), the individual(s) standing at the pinnacle of the 12 universes, appear(s) before them! And so the tale takes an unexpected turn.
Monaka's Mr.Satan Hit To Hitman Hit- DBS
Monaka's Mr.Satan Hit To Hitman Hit- DBS

So the title itself mentions something about Son Goku vs Monaka facing off. But will that be an actual battle or something different!?

The description has something even more interesting and doesn’t contain anything about Goku vs Monaka. So I am assuming it’s not like a serious fight or something. So, just after they win the tournament they will soon get a visit from the lords of everythings. The lords that rule over the 12 universes! Is this finally the type of thing the fans were waiting for?

I mean like ever since they introduced Beerus and Whis. It always felt like they worked under some higher power. If that’s the case does that mean they will be even more ultra super powerful? In that case it would be awesome because the more insanely powerful characters we see it means at some point of Vegeta and Goku is also going to reach that stage.

But this leaves behind many questions like- Why they will introduce even stronger characters right now while Goku and Vegeta is yet to surpass Whis and Beerus. Secondly why is the ultimate lord ruling over 12 universes visiting them? I mean this is huge! You have to understand the velocity here! Could it be because they fought the inter-universal tournament or something like that? Akira Toriyama in the recent interview mentioned he is going to introduce a brand new universe. So they could also have to do something with that. Their character design looks decent enough.


15th may Dragon Ball Super Episode 43 title: ‘Struggling to take care of Pan’

Basically it looks like episode 43 is going to be a refreshing kind of episode. And will concentrate some time with Pan and I am assuming will feature Gohan’s character transformation. I strongly believe Gohan is set to come back in the next arc. And the upcoming episode will probably highlight his lifestyle now as he will progress towards finding a motivation to fight again. And I won’t be surprised if Pan somehow ends up being a motivation either directly or indirectly.

And the biggest episode 43 news we got is Arale is making a return to Dragon Ball Super. It’s exciting for long time Dragon Ball Fans as well as we saw her earlier on Dragon Ball in the General Blue saga. At that time she was on par with Goku’s strength and said to have the ability to even destroy planets. She will probably play a cameo role or some fun time with Pan maybe?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 44 title- ‘Secret of the unleashed superhuman water ‘

Yamcha lands one on the god of destruction
Yamcha lands one on the god of destruction

The this could be a concept similar to the sacred water from Dragon Ball. Known for being able to increase strength and unlock hidden potential. But I am not sure what it has to do at this point of time. It can’t probably have any reasonable effect on the current characters. Could the human fighters get some benefit? And how old is Pan currently? I forgot! Damn it!

Since they have not done anything with the human fighters we all love - Tien, Krillen, Yamcha and others. I personally would love it if they give them a power boost.

Ep.45 title- ‘ The Amazing Copy Vegeta ‘

Not sure what to make of this. Maybe Vegeta went to universe 6’s planet Sadal like he promised earlier. Remember Cabe mentioned their King is pretty much prideful and similar to Vegeta. Could they be talking about him?

But it sound kind of unlikely. Could it have something do with that clone machine from Dr. Slump or new character? It’s hard to assume.

What do you think?

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