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[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) hasn't been fully released worldwide just yet, but the verdict certainly has. The majority of moviegoers who are fortunate enough to have seen it are pleased; Spidey makes a perfect swing into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Cap’s comeback from The Winter Soldier is spectacular, and the franchise seems to have recovered after the slightly middling Age of Ultron. Following a job well done, our heroes should be relaxing and getting ready for another inevitable success.

If only.

The work of Marvel’s pin-ups is never done, bringing them to a very fancy conference room in a London hotel to discuss battle plans. Fortunately, Movie Pilot (you lovable gems, you) was kind enough to get me a seat for the whole shebang. It's also worth adding that my seat had a clear route to the exit, just in case peace time was cut short and something actually kicked off.

Here's a few things related and not-so related to Civil War that I learned when the cast got together.

1. The Russo Brothers Are 'Action Fetishists'

So apparently, there really are fetishes for everything, and the Russo brothers have it for making comic book heroes punch the living snot out of one another, but for a reason. Anthony Russo explained:

"For us, action, it's a piece of all the rest of the storytelling that we do. It has to be a strong expression of narrative and character at every moment, that's how we find our way through action. This movie, we had such an amazing cast and so many great characters, all the action sequences are designed around how we push the characters through on a storytelling level."

Chiming in with his brother, Joe Russo agreed:

"It's like Ant said, every piece of action in the movie either has to define character and move story forward or it's vacuous action, and I think an audience goes into about 30 seconds of that before they start to get tired of it, so we really put a lot of thought and effort into it. It's also great making these films because action really is an integral component of it and really does help us define the characters in a very dynamic way."

If what the Russo brothers have done so far is anything to go by, you can bet things are going to get even more exciting when the war stops being civil and heads toward infinity.

2. Downey's Dictionary Defines Evans As...

When the two titans (not including the purple fella) of the [Marvel Cinematic Universe](tag:1096390) were asked to use one word to define one another, Chris Evans — perfect teeth and all — described his co-star as charismatic. Fair enough. So how does Robert Downey Jr. see the man behind the shield?

"Turn my mic up..."

3. Kevin Feige Was Asked A Question And Paul Bettany Answered

When Kevin Feige was asked which superhero would do some real good in our world and make it a better place, the Marvel head was racking his brain for an answer. "Usually we get, 'What's your favorite superpower?' 'What superpower would you want?' It's a tough one." Of course, it took the god-like being in the room to tell us what we were all thinking.

"It's not that tough, Kevin," said a certain Paul Bettany (Vision). "I'm just saying, he's omnipotent and he can pick up the hammer. I mean, come on."

4. Emily VanCamp Spoke About Steve And Sharon — And Great Aunt Peggy

Though it might be a few levels lower than a Game of Thrones relationship in terms of incest, there's no denying some might see Steve's potential relationship with Sharon Carter — great niece to his old beau Peggy — blossoming in the future. Thankfully, VanCamp is well aware of their history and what could be in store:

"In the comic books they actually went on to have a very interesting, complicated love affair. That was something I loved when I was doing the research for Sharon, but I don’t know how far we’ll go with that. We’ll see, I suppose. It helps that it’s the great aunt, like one generation removed, I guess. I get it, some people think it’s weird. Deal with it."

5. Daniel Brühl Hasn't Completed Training In Marvel Question Dodging Yet

One thing to be prepared for going into Civil War are the gray areas that fill it. The view of right and wrong is skewed for both Cap and Stark's perspectives. One man who is certainly opposed to both teams is new bad lad on the block Baron Zemo, played by Brühl.

Now, you'd think that with the rest of the cast making the skill of staying tight-lipped an art form, Brühl would have some tricks up his sleeve. Nope, none at all. He took to the thing like Bambi to ice. Still, 10 points for effort.

When asked if he was coming back for more post-Civil War, Brühl was as brief as possible:

"I couldn't answer that question. I hope so but no, I couldn't possibly say."

6. Spider-Man Gets The Iron Seal Of Approval

Though it's now no secret that Spider-Man makes an appearance in Civil War (and is the best thing in it, apparently), the Web Slinger himself was unfortunately nowhere to be seen at the European press conference.

Still, that didn't stop the newly appointed (and might we add friendly neighborhood) Spider-Man being discussed, mainly by RDJ, who had nothing but good things to say about the Marvel-ous addition:

"Mr. Holland, anyone that experienced him — he’s not a work in progress, he’s really something else. He came on with a bang and there's a lot of excitement about when he holds his own. Did anyone dislike Holland? We’ll post something if there’s any descension."

7. Anthony Mackie Has A Special Contract

In a battle between arachnids and super soldiers, there are a few players in this potential game of death that need help in holding their own. Anthony Mackie, a.k.a Sam Wilson, a.k.a Falcon, discussed what he needed to go to war this time around and the perks that came with the new contract:

"Lot of leg work. I have it in my contract that I have two behind shots, twice in the movie. Thighs and quads man, thighs and quads. Gotta give 'em what they want. Can’t have a tree without the trunk."

8. Are The Avengers Worried About The Justice League?

There are always going to be icons up for debate; De Niro or Pacino? Big Mac or Whopper? The Justice League or the Avengers? As expected, the comic book movie competition was brought up following the release of Dawn of Justice, and with the emergence of the Justice League, are the Avengers having to up their game? Thankfully, Evans instead looked for the fun in it all, saying:

“I don’t think anyone up here makes movies based on what other people are doing. I shouldn’t say we, it really is Marvel — higher ups — that have figured out this formula.”

To which RDJ added:

“Listen, when they get a Bucky, we’ll start talking.”

And it was at that point that if Downey had a microphone, he would have certainly held his arm aloft and dropped it to the floor. Probably.

You can see all of the above in full, as well as a whole thigh/quad discussion, Anthony Mackie's discovery of quinoa and one Paul outdoing the other over at Marvel's Facebook page here. As for 'Civil War,' you can see it worldwide in cinemas May 6.


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