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The WWE is one of the biggest entertainment platforms on the planet, helped largely by its collection of larger than life personalities. From greats such as Hulk Hogan, to modern athlete turned actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the canvas is graced by alluring individuals laying the smackdown.

In 2002, WWE Studios was launched as a shrewd subsidiary with the intent to provide a launchpad for wrestling favorites to make the transition to the big screen by starring in leading roles, alongside well-known actors.

The studio has now picked up quite a coop with the latest addition to their creative team — action icon Wesley Snipes's production company, Maandi Media DMM, has signed a multi-film deal. In an interview with Deadline, WWE Studios president Michael Luisi said:

“We are always looking for the ideal talent to extend our brand and Wesley is the right combination of action movie star and savvy producer. We look forward to creating exciting new content with the perfect partner.”

'Deliciously Entertaining Storylines'

Snipes appearing in 'Blade' (Credit: New Line Cinema)
Snipes appearing in 'Blade' (Credit: New Line Cinema)

The key to many areas in life is balance, and as Luisi mentions, Snipes has a reputation as an action don, mixed with decades of experience in producing just the type of films WWE Studios look to create. The 53-year-old actor, best know for his role in the Blade trilogy, was also excited to be joining up with wrestling's finest. He said:

“The action genre has been a very big and important part of my career. There is no better way to extend my love for dynamic action-based entertainment than with a company like WWE, who have been entertaining fans for decades with incredible visuals and deliciously entertaining storylines.”

The first joint project will be the recently announced Temple. Snipes will front the movie, joined by WWE's Seth Rollins, in the film about a group of trained badasses who find themselves trapped in an isolated military compound. We're guaranteed bombs, biceps, and Wesley Snipes kicking ass.

A Successful Transition

'The Scorpion King' is WWE Studios highest grossing film (Credit: Universal)
'The Scorpion King' is WWE Studios highest grossing film (Credit: Universal)

Since 2002, WWE Studios has proven that its stars can make the successful transition to the big screen, providing enjoyable, explosive action flicks that have performed well at the box office.

Dwayne Johnson had his big break with hits such as Walking Tall (2004) and The Rundown (2003). He also fronted The Scorpion King (2002), the studio's most successful movie, which grossed $165.3 million at the box office. More recently, heavyweight John Cena has featured in 12 Rounds (2013) and The Marine (2015).

What is your favorite WWE Studios film?

Source: Deadline


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