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SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Season 6 premiere of Game Of Thrones!

At the end of Sunday night's Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere, Melisandre took off her ruby necklace, and with it, all her youth and beauty. We all knew she was magical, but now we know she's been using magic to cover up the fact that she is really, really old. But have the signs been there all along?

Here are five signs that pointed to her secret age:

1. She came pretty close to telling Jon Snow about the spell in the most recent George R.R. Martin book, A Dance With Dragons.

Here's exactly what she said:

“The spell is made of shadow and suggestion. Men see what they expect to see … Call it what you will. Glamor, seeming, illusion. R’hllor is Lord of Light, Jon Snow, and it is given to his servants to weave with it, as others weave with thread.”

2. Glamor magic is a thing

Also in A Dance With Dragons, one of Arya's teachers of the Many Faced God gives her this explanation of glamor magic:

“Mummers change their faces with artifice … and sorcerers use glamors, weaving light and shadow and desire to make illusions that trick the eye.”

3. Back in Season 3, she told Gendry that she was born a slave — and branded.

Since we never see a brand on her lovely face, it would make sense that there's a bit of glamor magic at work there. Plus, she doesn't look much more than 30, and she talks about it like it was a lifetime ago.

4. Her ruby necklace also pulsed when she drank poison in Season 2, so it's clearly magical.

5. The actress who plays Melisandre basically told everyone the secret back in 2012

Carice van Houten plays Melisandre in 'GOT'
Carice van Houten plays Melisandre in 'GOT'

Here's what Carice van Houten told Access Hollywood:

“I don’t know how old she is, but she’s way over 100 years, so she is a wiser spirit, in a way, but it’s difficult for me to say too much because A — we want it to at least stay sort of a mystery and B — I didn’t read the books.”

Did you suspect the Red Woman's real age all along?

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