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We've all been there — saving up for months for a deal on a console that will stretch our imaginations to unprecedented proportions and change our gaming experiences forever. Thankfully, if you've been on the lookout for the Xbox One, now is most definitely the perfect time to pounce.

This is because Microsoft has just unleashed one of the best Spring Bundles in a while — including digital downloads of Halo 5, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Rare Replay, and Ori and The Blind Forest sold together with a 1 TB Xbox One console. And (as with all good things in life) all of this is only available for a limited time for just $350.

In case you want the above put in perspective, that's about $90 worth of games alongside a console that now roughly comes in at $260. Wowza.

And that's not all folks — if you make the purchase through Microsoft, you get another game bundled in with that. So get to it, because at the end of April this all goes back to costing $400, because life is hard and life is cruel.

Alternatively —

Bear the following in mind: The last time Microsoft initiated such a price was back in November 2014 and it soon became the standard following the deal. So despite all your twitching in anticipation to get your paws on this bundle, you might want to consider holding off for a bit. Who knows — the price might drop in time for the holiday season, when other retailer discounts might also make your eyes pop.

It's your choice, but either way here's a big up to insane deals all around!

What do you think about this deal? Is it worth it?



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