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The ghost with the most is flitting into New York to chase away the living with a bar-cum-restaurant called Beetle House in the style of Tim Burton's iconic movies.

As well as tipping its ragged hat to 1988 comedy horror Beetlejuice, the East Village venue pays homage to the director's other magical movies through the food and drink designs. Let's hope you don't have to call for the waiter three times.

It will not be the owners' first celebrity-themed bar — they also opened the drinking establishment Stay Classy New York last year, in celebration of Will Ferrell's catchphrase in Anchorman.

The website describes the venue:

The Drinks

We Come In Peace

Stoli salted caramel vodka, Rum chata, cream, caramel swirl salted rim. $14

The name of this salty snack is a nod to the first words of the aliens in 1996 comedy Mars Attacks! I wonder if the cocktail is as violent as the extraterrestrials.

The Chocolate Factory Martini

Vanilla vodka, Dorda chocolate liqueur, cream, creme de cocoa. Garnished with a chocolate bar. $14

This charm for chocaholics references Burton's 2005 movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I wonder if it will also be garnished with Augustus Gloop.

This is Halloween!

Pumpkin Liqueur, cinnamon liqueur, apple liqueur, apple cider, ginger beer, garnished with a lime. $12

Pumpkin surprise here intones the 1993 animation The Nightmare Before Christmas and the night-clad world of Jack Skellington — where it's always Halloween. I wonder if it will turn into This is Christmas!

Source: Disney
Source: Disney

The Food

The food, sourced locally from wild and "100% innocent humans" gives a knowing wink to Burton's other distinguished cinematic progeny.

For starters there's the Beetle Bread — a creepy crawly bruschetta referencing Beetlejuice. Or guacamole, which is just delicious.

Then for the main you can have Sweeney Beef for $30 — a seared 16 ounce fillet seasoned with mushrooms and unfortunate civilians (sourced like that of Sweeney Todd I'm sure), or the Victor Van Pork — a succulent dish of jalapeño jelly smeared over an undead dog like that in Victor Frankenstein.

To end the meal, dessert brings another bite of the famous choc with Warm Wonka's Bar Chocolate Cake.

Get A Shot Of Beetle-y Nostalgia:

What Dish Would You Recommend For Beetle House?

Source: Beetle House


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