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Bella Thorne has made a difficult time in a transgender teen's life just a tiny bit easier by reaching out with a message of support and acceptance to her young Greek fan.

While most of our shoutouts to celebs are almost instantly buried under mounds of other loving words and colon cleanse ads (why?!), the message below from the Twitter user who goes by the handle "Thanos" clearly got Bella's attention with emotive subject matter and simplicity.

After seeing the message ping into her feed, Thorne wasted no time giving the young fan a virtual pep talk in the Tweet below.

Naturally, the young fan was delighted to have his potential future life choices validated by his idol, he replied.

Big up to Bella for spreading some much-needed love and acceptance in the virtual world!

In this age of social media, it's so much easier to reach out and touch the stars, and Bella Thorne isn't the first celeb to deliver messages of encouragement through social media.

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Do you think more celebs should reach out to their fans online?

(Source: Teen Vogue)


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