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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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What were you nominated for in your yearbook? Most likely to be president/fly a plane/get married 5 times/eat a human being? Was anyone in your yearbook voted Most Likely To DIE?

In the new slasher horror from Last Shift director Anthony DiBlasi, a masked killer is taking that yearbook stuff a little too seriously; maybe this is the creepy yearbook Hanson was talking about.

With echoes of Valentine and other beloved early noughties horror movies, I've warmed to Most Likely To Die just from viewing the trailer. Internet gossip-peddler Perez Hilton also appears in this movie, potentially gratifying a great deal of people if he gets bumped off. Here's the rather lengthy synopsis:

'Gaby has been dreading her high school reunion for months. It’s not that she doesn’t want to hang out with the old gang; as one of the top players on the Texas Hold ‘Em poker tour, she’s come a long way from her high school tag, “Most Likely To Play the Hand She’s Dealt.” But old grudges die hard — and it seems one of her former friends isn’t content to let the past rest in peace.
The suspense mounts as one by one, Gaby’s friends are picked off, each murdered in a manner that pays gruesome homage to their yearbook superlatives. As the body count climbs, Gaby’s forced to admit that one of her friends is a psychotic killer. But who? The Jock? The Class President? The Prankster? With their numbers dwindling, suspicion and mistrust pit friend against friend in a deadly race against time. Because at this reunion, it doesn’t matter what you were voted in high school. Everyone is Most Likely To… Die!'

Most Likely To Die is released May 13, 2016. What were you voted in your high school year book?

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