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Fans of The Walking Dead will be familiar with the sweet singing voice of Emily Kinney from her time as Beth Greene on the series, but now the rest of the world can hear how good the star's pipes are thanks to a brand new video for her single, "Molly."

Kinney is currently showing off her musical chops on her "This Is War: California In-Store Tour," and spoke to LADYGUNN about the single, revealing that unfortunately the song was based on a real person! "This is a fun, silly song about a shitty situation. Unfortunately, there really was Molly in real life who stole away my cute boyfriend." However she was quick to add "luckily, it didn’t keep me down for long!”

The video itself is a fun clip that was originally shot by Kinney on her iPhone! However due to the clip quality being not so great, the musician roped in a director friend to do a reshoot at the Indiana State Fair! Take a look at the video clip for "Molly" below:

Emily Kinney continues with her tour to promote her album This Is War, you can catch her at the following locations:

  • 27/4 — Long Beach — Fingerprints
  • 28/4 — Ventura — Salzer
  • 29/4 — San Jose — Streetlight
  • 30/4 — Sacramento — Dimple Records

What do you think of Emily Kinney's song "Molly"?



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