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I think Nathan Drake's smile perfectly sums up these reports. It seems that a lucky few will be able to enjoy Naughty Dog's final romp with the Uncharted series at the original delayed release date, thanks to some errors on Amazon's part.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has been delayed several times. Before it was pushed to May 10 the game was set to release today, on April 26. This was the statement that Naughty Dog made at the time:

"In an effort to meet the considerable worldwide demand, and to ensure that all gamers worldwide have the opportunity to play the game on day one, we have chosen to postpone the launch of the game by two weeks to allow for extra manufacturing time."

Amazon Are Confused About Uncharted 4's Release Date

2 weeks early?
2 weeks early?

However, it seems that Amazon has perhaps indirectly chosen to forgo this announcement. Some form of error has allowed the game to be shipped on its originally proposed release date - you can see one example of the notifications that gamers are receiving below.

So far this appears to have only happened with Amazon in the US, with several individuals around the country who pre-ordered Uncharted 4 reporting the same message. I guess this is one time that pre-ordering was actually worth it, huh?

Another story comes from the UK:

"I went into CEX," reports one gamer, "and when I went to the counter to purchase the lens I saw behind the shop assistant that there was Uncharted 4 so as a try I said can I also get a copy of Uncharted 4, he just picked it up and rang it through the till. The game cost £55."

Amazon are constantly dealing with these sort of problems. My copy of Dark Souls 3 arrived two days early for instance. But 2 weeks and now an actual retailer handing them out too? That's something else entirely! Though gamers who receive Uncharted 4 early should keep something in mind.

This will not be the definitive version of the game. What's on the disc may not be indicative of the final product. We all know how prevalent day one patches are in the industry and perhaps there will be tons of bug fixes downloaded to your system once Uncharted 4 actually releases for the PS4. Take heed, dear friends. But if you did actually get Uncharted 4 2 weeks is it?

Have you received an early copy of Uncharted 4?


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