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Nope, just watching the video was enough for me. Two truly terrifying gameplay videos from Red Barrels’ latest horror smash Outlast 2 are the latest features to make their way out of PAX East.

PAX East finished up just two days ago and various gameplay videos are starting to spring up all over the internet. These latest videos from Outlast 2 however are something else entirely. Never have I seen a horror game nail the genre as well as this. Outlast 2 is now officially my most anticipated horror of the year, so far.

Outlast 2 is taking us in an all new direction – the confines of the asylum have been replaced by dark woods, horror ridden cornfields and murderous cults. Red Barrels game director has stated that this instalment will be an exploration into the “twisted depths of the human mind and its dark secrets".

The latest gameplay videos promise all that and more. Borrowing the beautifully clichéd themes from the Texas chainsaw Massacre type horrors of the 90’s the game is set to knock the horror genre right out of the park. Every tiny little element looks polished to the nth degree.

The first video we see drops us into the shoes of a player that is quite clearly running for their life through a cornfield at night. The player is being chased by what we assume to be murderous cult members that we have seen in the teasers.

The player is barely able to see a metre ahead. They scramble through the corn attempting to hide from their homicidal pursuers. With the help of the trusty handheld camera the player is able to navigate a little easier although that green screen conjures up a lot of scary memories for me.

The actual gameplay mechanics in Outlast 2 look absolutely spot on. From the desperate pushing aside of the corn to the occasional stumble that occurs when the character becomes too scared. It all works beautifully into that 90’s horror cliché that again works absolutely stupendously here.

The visuals and environmental interaction are second to none. This is a far cry from the asylum but it betters it in almost every respect and that is something I never thought I would say.

Take a deep breath and jump into the horrifying world of Outlast 2. You will be longing to go back to the asylum after this.


The second video introduces even more environmental interaction as the player enters houses, opens and closes windows and encounters some truly terrifying entities. The eyes from the teaser are back but this time they are focused entirely on you.


So, in terms of story we have not been given much, what we can deduce is that the protagonist featured in the videos seems to be looking for a woman called Lyn. There has been speculation regarding the identity of one of the mysterious female characters that was teased in an image last month. Maybe this could be this Lyn character?

Lyn Outlast2?
Lyn Outlast2?

She is seen holding a mighty pick axe with tattered attire – Maybe Lyn got kidnapped by the cult, escaped, grabbed the pick and is now hacking her way out of there? I would love to hear your thoughts?

Outlast 2 looks absolutely stunning and that trailer alone warrants a pre-order from me. The game is set to land this Autumn on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Ready for the next chapter in Outlast?


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