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In the last few years, I really started getting into the animated ventures from DC Comics. It wasn't that I thought they were childish, but I just thought that the quality would most likely suffered from a lesser budget compared to the blockbusters. Obviously, I was wrong and I'm glad I rectified the mistake. I love animated features because they give the fan chances to see our favorite comic characters in live-action and not just on page.

One of the best parts of being a fan is simple: The simple joy we get from talking about our favorite characters! Sadly, their will be some people you'll never have a conversation with because they're too aggressive on their beliefs, but for the most part -- it's enjoyable discussing why Batman is way cooler than all the rest. You won't agree with every choice on my list, but hopefully you'll agree with some!


JL vs Teen Titans
JL vs Teen Titans

This is the most recently released animated movie in DC's shared-universe and it's somewhat reminiscent of Young Justice. Actually, no, not really, but it's extremely entertaining in the same way. I'm a huge fan of Damian Wayne and you'll find out why throughout this list.

Ever since Justice League: War came out, I wondered if DC are using these movies as test-runs for future movies in their cinematic universe. Either way, it was awesome seeing The League fight Trigon and Damian with a crush on Raven.

The title might be confusing because it really wasn't a battle between the two teams , but that didn't matter because the movie was entertaining in every aspect. There were two parts of the move that made me wonder if it was appropriate for young fans; not only that, what was the purpose of showing it in a kids' (sorta) movie? Of course I thought it was entertaining, but I'd be curious to hear what parents thought of these certain scenes.


This movie should have finally proved that not all DC's animated movies are for kids. I'm all for Harely getting as much pre-action-coitus (?) while she's split from The Joker and it's awesome to see how truly terrifying Batman is from the bad guys' perspective.

What's awesome about this movie is how they portrayed Deadshot! Will Smith is an awesome actor and I'd love to see him reprise his role in another movie besides the upcoming sequel.

I do have one concern: Harley's voice can get a tad annoying and I'd hope Ayers uses it sparingly in Suicide Squad. It won't ruined the movie, but I think it'd be an effective tool to make something either funnier or weirder!


They were so ... different in this!
They were so ... different in this!

If you've ever wondered what DC's Trinity would look like killing a massive amount of people; then this is your movie. I loved hearing, Dexter, playing an actual Bat-Man and Superman's fight in the subway was super-sweet!

The Unholy Trinity were the sole members of the League and twas' awesome. This movie showed us what would happened if things went differently throughout the heroes' existence and it was fun to see things from a unique viewpoint.


I've been on Team Aquaman ever since I've read The Trench. He's easily the most- mocked superhero in existence and I cannot wait for Mamoa's interpretation to have people saying 'Damn, he's just as tough as Superman'!

This is an origin story for Arthur Curry and takes place after the events of Justice League: War. DC has a chance to make Mera into one of the fiercest, competent, warriors in all of cinema -- and deliver a truly amazing love story, that usually hinders these types of big-budget blockbusters.

Black Manta and Ocean Master are the primary villains of the movie and they go to war with the surface dwellers. I could easily see this being the basis of Justice League: Part One or Aquaman's solo movie. It'd be epic seeing Atlantis and then the war that ensues after Ocean Master makes his move for the throne.

This movie would be an epic-CGI-spectacle and all they have to do is get Arthur Curry right. Unlike Superman, Aquaman is half-human and is a perfect diplomat between the two worlds.


It's not from the movie, but it's AWESOME!
It's not from the movie, but it's AWESOME!

When I watch the New 52's version of DC's pantheon of animated heroes -- I'm totally diggin' Batman the most out of any character (Batman is just awesome!). In this movie he finds out that he has a son with Talia Al Ghul and The League of Assassins has been raising him since his birth. Deathstroke attacks Nanda Parbat and that's when Talia decides Damian needs to live with his father.

The animation in this movie might be the best DC has ever put out. Bruce and Damian's growth in their relationship as father and son is even better. I hope that the movies will capitalize on Bruce's relationships with his Robins because it shows a different side of him that we've not seen portrayed yet on the big screen. (Sorry, I forgot that one movie.)

Damian is stubborn, bratty, bad ass, and and most of all: worthy of being Batman's son. I love when Dick and Damian squabble over Batman's affections and seeing Bruce doubt himself on being a capable father to Damian is heartwarming. I must admit: You have to look past how a 10-year-old kid can hold his own against Deathstroke and basically any adult he fights against, but he is Batman's son!


I was pleasantly surprise on how much I enjoyed these new iterations of DC's classic heroes when this movie came out in 2014. The origin story for Vic Stone was basically the same one we saw in BvS, but done extremely well in terms of actually making sense (They could have explained the Parademons a tad more, right?)! I'm still having a hard time figuring out how DC does these animated movies extremely well; yet, they have such a hard time telling a cohesive story at the cinema.

This is The New 52's origin story of how the Justice League was formed. There was a brief battle scene between Bruce and Clark -- but it ended with each of them showing one another a mutual respect that one would expect out these great heroes.

Also, this movie was hilarious, especially when this man whom was protesting Wonder Woman, says that he dresses up like her to feel powerful; just after calling her a whore. Darkseid was an immensely satisfying threat and The Justice League took him down in a team-effort, that was satisfying as a viewer.

I loved how they did not get along with one another at all and how each one of them were vital in the final battle. The most impressive part of this movie was how I felt like these were regular people -- instead of gods like their counterparts at DCEU. This movie reminded me a lot like Marvel's The Avengers and that's a good thing.


Batman and Robin
Batman and Robin

This was a movie all about Batman being a father and also boasted some amazing villains in The Court of Owls. I'm not sure how you'd bring in Damian Wayne into the DCEU, but I hope that they're seriously thinking about it. Damian is face with a choice: Either join Talon and become a killer full-time, or follow after his father and become a hero. It's touching to see this side of Batman after so many years of seeing him being somewhat a father figure to his Robins, but not quite in this capacity.

Bruce is trying to teach Damian that killing is abhorrent and there are always a way to do it without too much bloodshed. He's haunted in this dream when he's drugged by The Court of Owls about how Damian could turn out without his guidance, discipline and most importantly -- his love.

Damian started off as a tremendously bratty kid and by the end of the movie you'll respect him for his new-found devotion to his father and heroism. I can't wait to see more out of the Bat-Family, even though we just got Batman: Bad Blood (I'm greedy!).


I only included movies that I thought will be relevant to the upcoming movies in the DCEU. I have not seen Batman: Bad Blood enough times to rank it confidently. There are so many amazing Batman movies and that'll be a separate list. I hope to hear what you thought of my list in the comments section and thank you for reading!



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