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"I saw him in the flames, fighting at Winterfell"

At this point it seems all but obvious that we will see a return of Jon Snow in one form or another. Far too much time and care is taken in presenting his body, keeping it locked away in a room with his wolf and friends, and the overseeing of the Red Woman to have it all end now. George R.R. Martin himself said that we will learn the truth of Jon's lineage. If a return wasn't inevitable, explaining Jon's backstory would hold no true value to anyone. Regardless of who his parents were, he left behind no heirs, so no one benefits from his past, not even the reader/viewer.

Who is Jon Snow?

Out of all the theories the only one that truly makes sense is the now infamous R+L=J. It’s the only way to truly validate Jon as the lead hero of the story. If he in fact is only the bastard of Ned Stark, that holds slight value but he still falls behind Bran, the forever missing Rickon, Sansa and Arya. Toss in some Dragon blood and the mythos of Jon is elevated tenfold. Being the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen not only gives him some claim to Winterfell, but being that Rhaegar was the supposed next up for the Iron Throne, Jon is part of a lineage that puts him in line to be the ruler of all, should Daenerys never take claim.

Is Jon Snow dead?

Yes, I do believe we have in fact seen the last of Jon Snow. Jon Snow is dead, but we will see the rise of either Jon Targaryen or Jon Stark. The producers of the show and cast weren’t lying, they were merely being clever with their words.

How will Jon Snow return?

Many, myself included, believed the return of the Red Woman to Castle Black was a sign that she would use her sorcery to resurrect Jon, but her ever growing doubt has swayed my thoughts drastically. It seems highly likely, if the dragon blood theory holds true, that they will in fact burn Jon’s body to only awaken his true self just as we witnessed previously with Daenerys. The only difference is that Jon is dead and Danny wasn’t. Watching Jon rise from the flames would not only bring forth a return the fans so eagerly desire, but it would restore faith in the “flame” obsessed Melisandre, who would then devote her life and magic to Jon as she would thus believe he is Azor Ahai, the chosen one.

Wildcard Resurrection(s)

  • Jon is already dead now for at least a day it would seem, so there is a chance that the Red Woman can pull off some magical resurrection. Praying over Jon and bringing him back to life, though it would be awesome to see his return, would be the least epic way to witness his revival
  • Thoros of Myr...he's done it before, so it would make total sense for him to be able to breathe life back into the lungs of Mr. Snow. However, he's been missing in action for so long that it would be kind of odd for him to just show up at Castle Black and be the one to bring him back.
  • Jon aka the Night's King. Not much is known of the current Night's King other than the rumors of him being a former Lord Commander of the Night's watch (like Jon) and a former Stark (also like Jon). Rumors have circulated that Jon will in fact come back to life as a White Walker, who will eventually become the futures' Night's King. Thought it seems a tad far fetched, I can honestly see this being a possibility.

The Hard Truth

Jon Snow/Stark/Targaryen is dead. Though it would suck royally, there is still a possibility that he is in fact dead, never to return. After all, this is Game of Thrones we are talking about, a series where tragedy and heartbreak reign supreme.

If Jon Snow lives?

Aside from seeing Jon's pained expressions live on, we'd most likely see Jon lead the charge on Winterfell to take on the Bolton's and finally rid the world of that disturbed, skin-peeling family. The extreme EPICNESS of Jon being the one to deliver a fatal blow to Ramsay would be indescribable. Victory would be short lived as the true threat lies just beyond the wall in the form of the White Walkers. Their last meeting would lead one to believe that we will in fact witness a final duel between Jon and the Night’s King. A stare down that awesome can’t go without a proper fight. With the main title of the series being A Song of Ice and Fire, one can assume that at some point Jon and Danaerys will have some sort of a run, especially if the R+L=J rumor holds true making Danny to be Jon's long lost Aunt.

If Jon Snow dies?

Then it’s time to move along and hope that either Danny, Arya, Bran, Rickon, Sansa or Tyrion will give us some form of glory to help replace the hero we lost. However, if Jon is truly gone forever, it wouldn’t be out of line to assume that there may in fact be no hope and the bad guys may actually win in the end. Game of Thrones has shown us countless times that loyalty, virtue and honor only lead to death.

Jon Snow knows nothing...and neither do we!


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