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Lawbreakers in an insane new arena based shooter from the makers of the original Gears of War. This all new shooter aims to revolutionise the arena based game and propel it into the lofty heights of esport stardom.

Lawbreakers is brought to us by no other than Cliff Bleszinski, Bleszinski is responsible for bringing us all three of the original Gears of War games so we can be sure that this game has some serious quality.

Following the recent acquisition of the Gears franchise, Bleszinski went on to set up his own development studio. Lawbreakers is Boss Keys Productions first major project. You can rest assured that Lawbreakers will be a far cry from the Locusts and Brumaks of the past, this one is destined for the professional big leagues.

The game will be comprised of two teams the law and the lawbreakers (shocker there) each team currently consists of five players although Boss Keys have stated that they will be working on allowing for bigger teams in the future. The game will be set in the future but don’t let that put you off – when dealing with arena based shooters this is pretty stock.

Players will be able to choose from four separate classes, each class will have its own particular skills and perks. Classes include the rocket launching Titan, Sword swinging Assassin, the chain gun spinning Vanguard and the all round Enforcer. Each class will deliver something unique to the gaming experience.

The game will allow for players to alter the effect of gravity – it is not in essence a jet pack flying, rocket boosting game but in certain circumstances players will be able to nullify gravity and when this happens players will have to use momentum or gun fire to propel themselves. These conditions come into effect when anti gravity grenades are used for example.

So far we have only been given access to one game mode called Overcharge. What we can gather is that both teams will fight for possession of a battery that will be placed in the centre of the map. Players must then retrieve it, take it back to base and charge it up. Sort of like a capture the flag type deal.

This charging process takes some time so the aim of the game then switches to defence for the possessors and attack and retrieval to the team that is empty handed. The really cool thing here though is that the battery does not reset it’s charge – so, if you hold possession for a longer time and clock up 70 percent of the charge and the other team steal possession then they only have to charge it 30 percent. This allows for some awesome tactical gameplay to take place.

Boss Keys have also introduced a new dynamic which basically does not allow for medical pickups or healing packs to be picked up - instead players must run to healing pods that are scattered through the map. This again adds more of a tactical element to your gameplay.

Players can even fire shots over their shoulders and through their legs as they retreat in last ditch efforts to survive – I cannot get enough of this game!

The pace will not be anywhere near as fast as the modern futuristic shooters like Call of Duty. Players will run at a realistic human pace but will have special abilities that can garner them an advantage if need be. The idea again from Bleszinski was to create a real tactic based game that has all the greatest elements of the current first person shooters but retains the realism of the original more tactics based shooter games.

Killstreaks are not likely to be included - neither will purchasable upgrades that will alter you gaming experience. Upgrades will be available but only cosmetic skins and armours etc. So, players will be able to up their investment in the title but not to the extent of altering others enjoyment of the gameplay.

It’s almost like Unreal Tournament meets Call of Duty crossed with Overwatch and Counter Strike. This in my book is set to be a big player in the international esport arena. Fun team based tactical gameplay that is accessible to all. It has all the key ingredients to be a smash hit from the word go.

Lawbreakers is set to launch on PC this summer – so far there has been no mention of a console release.

What do you guys make of Lawbreakers?


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