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Since the beginning, the producers of the hit comedy-horror franchise Hillbilly Horror Show have had one major mantra, "Filmmakers help other filmmakers!" It's that mentality that is at the very foundation of the series, which was designed to showcase the talents of those within the world of horror short films. Now, with the impending launch of their second Roku channel, they're taking it another step further and giving filmmakers a chance to promote their films without breaking the bank.

With 50-million users worldwide, Roku offers a great chance to gain exposure. However, indie filmmakers rarely have a budget that allows for marketing through traditional streaming ad platforms. In order to give them a fighting chance, Hillbilly Horror Show created a section in their channel called "The Trailer Park". As producer Bo Keister put it:

This is our way of helping the little guy. We're indie filmmakers. We know the challenge of growing your brand and trying to get eyes on your work. The Trailer Park is a cost effective way to get your films out there, and get people watching.

If you're a filmmaker looking for a terrific, inexpensive way to promote your film, then check out the video above and reach out to the Hillbilly Horror Show team at [email protected]!


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