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With the Season 2 finale of The Flash drawing near and things looking pretty bleak for our young hero, fans around the globe must be reeling with questions. However, one question that continues to invade my thoughts is this: who is the man behind the iron mask?

For weeks after this mysterious man made his debut appearance, fans have made speculation upon speculation about who he could possibly be. Some believe him to be the Earth 2 Wally West or even another Jay Garrick. With three already roaming around the two Earths, another one wouldn't be very surprising. For many, these two seem to be, if not only the most logical, but also the most obvious suspects.

However, when have the creators of The Flash and Arrow ever been known to be predictable? That's why I believe there is a third person who could be behind that dreaded iron mask: Ronnie Raymond.

Before you say anything, think about it. Who could be behind the mask if not someone everyone presumes to be dead? That's what makes this such a brilliant possibility. We the fans, upon watching the heroic Firestorm sacrifice his life to save the world, never questioned that Ronnie must have died in the explosion. But if Professor Stein survived, couldn't Ronnie have had a similar fate?

But then, where was he all these months while his friends mourned and his partner, Stein, was forced to find himself a replacement? You'd think he was able to sense him somehow if he were still alive.

Well, the link between Ronnie and Stein is still quite a mystery, for all we know, being on two different Earths may have made them unable to reach each other. As to how he survived, the most reasonable explanation is that while Stein plummeted back to Earth 1, Ronnie was transported to Earth 2 via the newly created Breach. Upon finding himself in a world so similar to his own and yet so different, in a world where he and his beloved Caitlin were criminals, it may seem almost natural that he'd search for the Earth 2 Flash. This would have lead him to the notorious Jay Garrick.

Probably, through some series of devious lies and tactics, Jay initially used Ronnie's knowledge of Earth 1 to make travel between the two worlds possible. It wouldn't even be surprising if it was Ronnie himself who figured this out, in hopes of returning to his friends and wife. However, having fulfilled his role, Jay probably betrayed Ronnie and imprisoned him. In doing so, he hid his identity behind the iron mask. Just as in The Musketeers: The Man In The Iron Mask, where the iron mask hid the true identity of the king's look-alike. Isn't it possible it's doing the same to Ronnie?

If the man behind the mask is really a captured Ronnie, it may explain why he acted so excited when Barry appeared to rescue Jesse and why he insisted on revealing Zoom's identity to Flash and his team. Although many believe this mysterious captive to be Wally or another Jay, the fact that Ronnie's body was never found after the incident means that his death was never 100% confirmed.

Also, let's face it, except for Eddie Thawne, a main character has yet to die on screen and not return from the dead in one way or another on The Flash. Sadly, for now, all this is just simple speculation but with the evidence brought forward I cannot help but add Ronnie to the list of possible men hidden behind that iron mask.


Could Ronnie be the man behind the iron mask?


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