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So, ALIEN DAY has rolled around, and just as "Talk Like A Pirate Day" manages to do Every! Single! Year! it passed you by, unrealized until the following day.

Arrg! Don't ye be hate'in that matey? And yar Jack Sparrow impersonation is of the likes to shiver anyone's timbers.

Well, the bright side of Alien day is that you don't have to keep it all on April, 26th (chosen in honer of the planet setting of LV-426) to celebrate what just might be the most awesome horror/sci-fi franchise of all time.

Here are a few things you can do to keep the Xeno love going for the rest of the month, or even the year.

#1: Watch Comic Book Girl 19 "Retro Reviews" Of Aliens and Prometheus!

She's smart, she's cute, and she swears like sailor. She's Comic Book Girl 19 and she first rose to You Tube stardom by doing an in depth review and breakdown of Sir Ridley Scott's return to sci-fi, known as Prometheus. Her video essay on what the film means is arguably one of the most comprehensive looks into the film, on the web.

But her love of the franchise is obvious, when you see the excitement in her review of James Cameron's sequel to the 1979 classic.

#2: Watch studioADI's Behind The Scenes Videos, On The Practical Effects Of The Franchise!

StudioADI co-founders Alec Gillis & Tom Woodruff, Jr have been involved in the special effects of the Aliens franchise since the first sequel, which they participated in while working for legendary effects artist Stan Winston.

Tom Woodruff, Jr sculpting the Alien Warrior head.
Tom Woodruff, Jr sculpting the Alien Warrior head.

After they set out on their own to form the company Amalgamated Dynamics Inc., it was Stan who recommended Alec and Tom as the successors who would bring Giger's star beast to life, once more for Alien3. Since then, they have handled every variation of the monster for every sequel since, and have made their documentations of the process available in books and their You Tube channel. Here are just a few examples of what you can see there...


Alien: Resurrection

Aliens vs Predator

Note: They also made their own homage to movies like Alien and The Thing called Harbinger Down, which you can watch on Netflix streaming, right now. You can also meet Alec Gillis in Huston, TX at this June's Comicpalooza.

#3: Watch H.R. Giger Dark Star On Netflix!

Documenting the life, career, and final days of the legendary artist H.R. Giger, who created the look of the original creature that would change the landscape of science fiction and horror forever, Dark Star is an intimate look at the man who painted so many wonderful and nightmarish visions for the cinema, album covers, and galleries.

Dark Star is available on Netflix Streaming, right now.

#4: Make A DIY Alien Chestburster Puppet With Me!

Yes, I'm a huge Aliens fan as well, and last Halloween I decided to build a rather unique costume, to thrill the neighborhood kids. If you want to make one too, then follow along with this fun video tutorial that I put together.

#5: Watch LittleJimmy835's "Whatever Happened To The Aliens & Predator Series?"

If you ever wanted to get down into the nitty gritty of the good, the bad, and the "you are one ugly mother..." HUSH YO MOUTH! "I'm only talkin' about Aliens!" of each individual film in the franchise, this is the You Tube series for you. He pairs up his reviews with the Predator films, so you can see how they come together with Aliens vs Predator, and takes you all the way through to the video games, including ING's Alien: Isolation.

...and finally...

#6: Make or Pick Yourself Up Some Cool Alien Stuff To Have In Your House!

Whether it be a Sideshow Collectible...

...or a cookie car...


...there are so many wonderful and crazy Aliens items that are out there, to make your house a home. If you don't want to buy one, then may I suggest making one. Maybe, you want to do a piece of fan art...

Don't ask.
Don't ask.

...cosplay with your baby...

So cute!
So cute!

...or even make a fan film...

...there are plenty of ways to celebrate!!!

Any day is a good day to be thrilled by the idea that in space, no one can hear you scream.


How do you plan to celebrate Alien Day after the 26th?


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