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Young Justice was one of those highly followed and loved shows, only to be cancelled for no justifiable reason at all. The show ran for only two seasons, totaling 46 episodes, from 2010-2013 on Cartoon Network. When the cancellation was announced in January 2013, fans instantly began a petition to get a third season and resolve the cliffhanger the show was left on. There is even a group on Facebook dedicated to a third season with over 400,000 members. Hope seemed to arrive for fans when the show entered the roster of shows available on Netflix. Fans instantly started streaming the show and giving it a 5 star rating, in hopes Netflix would see value in the show and pursue making a third season.

Even the Team started streaming
Even the Team started streaming

However hope may be further than fans thought in finally getting that third season. During an appearance on the 'Shanlian on Batman' podcast Brandon Vietti, who acted as the writer and producer for the show, shared that the decision was solely down to Warner Bros.

“... it’s like all above my pay grade. If there’s anything going on it’s like way above me,"

Said Vietti, continuing to say,

"It’s one of those things where like Greg [Weisman] and I developed a show, but with other people’s characters. You know what I mean? So, it’s not ours to go pitch. I wish I could tell you more. I wish I could say 'Yeah we’re in talks!' But, I’m not in any talks. It’s not for me. It’s not my thing to go talk about. Maybe we’ll get some good news about it someday. Greg and I, Phil Bourassa, our character designer, we’re all anxious to jump back in the world. We have more stories to tell, we’d love to do it and honestly we’re on stand by until our bosses come and say, 'We want to make more.'"

Essentially, even if Netflix want to pursue a third season for the show it is completely down to the bosses at Warner Bros. All the characters and elements of the show are owned by the company and they seemed to only cancel the show to try a new Batman show, that was actually pulled by the networks prematurely due to poor ratings. With Warner Bros seemingly now focusing on a new Justice League cartoon it seems even more unlikely for them to return to Young Justice for a third season.

Beast Boy can't take the wait anymore!
Beast Boy can't take the wait anymore!

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