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Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., took to Facebook Live today in an effort to promote Captain America: Civil War alongside his newly launched nonprofit organization Random Act Funding. His charity is currently in the process of raising $1 million through Omaze in order to distribute funds to the Motion Picture & Television Fund, Make-A-Wish and the Anti-Recidivism Coalition.

According to Downey, the organization will take input from its donors in the future to determine which charities it will distribute money to. Donors to the Omaze campaign are automatically entered for a chance to win a New York City hangout for two with RDJ next week, along with a private screening of Civil War and grabbing pizza from every borough of NYC. Downey has said of the pizza date:

"Spidey might be in Queens, you never know."

The actor took fans on a journey from his hotel room in London to the city's red-carpet premiere of Civil War, answering questions, rejecting marriage proposals and melting hearts along the way. There wasn't a whole lot of new information from the live chat, but there was a choice quote about the impact of Civil War on the Marvel movies to come:

"I think [Captain America: Civil War] will be thought of in the future as one of the flagship bits of narrative and storytelling in the larger MCU, and also it really sets up a bunch of exciting stuff for the years to come."

We probably could have expected as much, but it's nice to hear it come straight from the source. He even answered a question about the much-needed Tropic Thunder sequel, when asked if it would ever happen:

"A sequel to Tropic Thunder, that's a fine idea!"

But mostly, we just tuned in to see RDJ be RDJ. Here are some highlights:

When He Wore Those Rad Reading Glasses

"I think I'm a fairly responsible guy lately."
"I think I'm a fairly responsible guy lately."

When He Got All Up In Our Cheese

When A Fan Made Him Put On His Seatbelt

When He Genuinely Enjoyed A Vulgar Comment

When He Said Adios

Captain America: Civil War drops on May 6, and Random Act Funding's Omaze campaign is accepting donations until May 1.

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