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Whispers of the Old Gods is here and the team at Hearthstone is ready to throw a ton of free packs at players - just as long as you're willing to test out the new Standard mode.

The first time you boot up Hearthstone now that Old Gods has released, you'll get an automatic three free packs and a few new cards, including the expansion's flagship legendary card: C'thun.

New legendary card C'thun is FREE to all players.
New legendary card C'thun is FREE to all players.

In addition to your three free packs, you'll also get a new quest: "Win two games of Standard." This quest will reward you with five Old Gods packs. Blizzard is giving these things away like hot cakes.

THEN, after completing that two-win quest, you'll gain a new quest: "Win seven games of Standard." This will net you another five packs for a healthy 13 packs total.

Standard mode is the new competitive Hearthstone

But what is this Standard mode you'll have to play? Don't worry, it's not too scary! With the ever-growing card pool and shifting metas, Blizzard has split Hearthstone into two modes: Wild and Standard.

Wild: You can use *every* card ever released in Hearthstone.

Standard: You can only use cards released in the past two years of Hearthstone.

This new mode means that some old favorite cards will be phased out over time. For the release of Old Gods, it means that Standard mode will say goodbye to the Goblins and Gnomes expansion as well as the Curse of Naxxramas adventure.

That means that Standard mode will not allow powerful staple cards like Sludge Belcher, Piloted Shredder, Mad Scientist, Loatheb, and the notorious Dr. Boom.

Goodnight, sweet prince.
Goodnight, sweet prince.

However, if you just can't live without Dr. Boom, it's ok. Wild mode will still allow you Boom Bot your way to victory.

Hearthstone's Whispers of the Old Gods is out now for PC, Mac, and mobile.


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