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Deadpool dominated the Box Office when it was released this year. Its success has made other studios rethink their concepts for superhero films that they thought were risky. With ‘Lobo’ and ‘New Mutants’ in the works, Ryan Reynolds will be returning as Deadpool in a sequel which is currently in the works. But what we don’t know is who will be returning and who is being welcomed into the Deadpool world.

All news and information is being kept confidential for the time being. However, Disney star Bella Thorne from ‘Shake It Up!’ has revealed she is incredibly keen to take on a badass Marvel character and play Lady Deadpool - if we ever see a Lady Deadpool. Bella Thorne has recently been interviewed by Moviefone to talk about her upcoming performance in the new Ratchet & Clank film. In the interview, she also spoke about her keen interest in the world of superheroes.

“I’d be so down to play like a badass Marvel character. Any type of badass female in live-action, like Cora in this movie. I also like playing roles that are very rebellious and real.” – Bella Thorne

She went on to praise the dialogue of Deadpool, and specified the type of superhero she would love to play.

“So it’s good when you really show teenagers for how they actually talk. Honestly, if I could just play a female version of Deadpool – any character that’s a female version of Deadpool – I’m so down!” – Bella Thorne

Of course, Lady Deadpool does exist and is otherwise known as Wanda Wilson of Earth-3010. She is from an alternative universe. While the mercs are just as wacky from time to time, her dark past and spooky inner demons have made a few incredible storylines.

At this current point in time, all details about the Deadpool-related characters that may appear in Deadpool 2 have been kept quiet. Tim Miller will be returning to direct the sequel. The film will be written by the returning screenplay writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

Would you like to see Bella Thorne as a female Deadpool?


Bella Thorne To Play Female Deadpool?


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