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With the news of Spider-Man: Homecoming hitting the spotlight, and Tom Holland's spectacular cameo appearance in "Captain America: Civil War", Spider-Man has been thrust into the public eye like never before. The only other time he's gotten this much mass attention was when he died and swapped minds with Doctor Octopus, but that's another story. We can tell that there will be many exciting stories to come with the rebooted Spider-Man movies, as well as with the ongoing Amazing Spider-Man series. However, I'd like to bring to your attention, valued true-believer, of one of the greatest Spider-Man spinoffs/adaptations ever filmed, and why Marvel should seriously think about bringing it back. I'm talking about the Mighty Morphin' version of Spider-Man, 'Supaidaman' from Japan's Spider-Man by Toei TV.

Before we get into the thick of it, let's give you guys a quick synopsis of what Supaidaman is about. Takuya Yamashiro is a budding motorcycle racer. But when his father dies while investigating a UFO crash, Takuya discovers that the UFO is actually a ship called the "Marveiller" from the planet "Spider", and its captain is Garia, the last survivor of planet Spider. Garia reveals his past, and that he is hunting Professor Monster (subtle right?), the evil emperor that destroyed planet Spider. Knowing that he won't last for much longer, Garia injects his own blood into Takuya, giving the 22 year-old motorcyclist spider-like powers. Garia also passes along his possessions to Takuya, including the bracelet that transforms it's wearer into a Spider-warrior (which looks exactly like Spider-Man's suit), the Marveiller ship, and his giant robot, Leopardon. With these powers and gadgets at his disposal, Takuya now fights against Professor Monster and the Iron Cross Army, protecting the Earth and its inhabitants from evil-doers and anyone wishing to do harm to his home planet!

Giant Robots, Flying Cars, Killer Gear!

When Garia passed on his powers to Takuya, he gained a bunch of awesome tech, like the Marveller, the flying spaceship from planet Spider,

which turns into Leopardon, a giant mechanical power-robot that handles the titanic monsters that Takuya can't as Supaidaman!

Check out this amazing battle that really showcases Leopardon's strength!

Giant robots are staple of Japanese superhero serials, and it's really fun seeing how the creators over at Toei imagined what Spider-Man's vehicles would look like! Because as we all know, giant robots are pretty badass!

Next we have Takuya's tool to end all tools: the Spider Bracelet! Takuya's Spider Bracelet is where he keeps his costume, and how he shoots his webbings--which include the spider-net used to incapacitate a large group of enemies, as well as the spider strings, a rope of webbing. This Bracelet is very much a suped up version of Spider-Man's webslingers turned into "morphing device". Many heroes of the Super Sentai genre like Kamen Rider and the Power Rangers traditionally have used a morpher or a power watch to transform, and it's refreshing to see Spider-Man in this light!

Best of Both Worlds! Super Sentai Goodness and Awesome Action!

The main draw of Supaidaman is that it combines everyone's favorite wallcrawler with the japanese cinematic tradition of Tokusatsu Super Sentai! Tokusatsu is a term applied to any show or movie that uses special effects, and many of the superhero shows in Japan like the Super Sentai series (known as Power Rangers in the U.S), Kamen Rider, Metal Hero, and other superhero serials were Tokusatsu, given their immense use of practical effects to showcase large battles and action! So when Marvel gave Toei the license to make a show in Japan about Spider-Man, they applied their cinematic traditions to this beloved hero and created a series that defied all expectations! Fans of both the classic Spider-Man Marvel character and fans of Super Sentai were brought together to watch this marriage of two different action genres, and the result was dazzling! Even Stan Lee had to admit that the action of Supaidaman was impressive for it's time!

And applying the tropes of the Super Sentai genre to Spider-Man created an iconic character in Takuya, and his own Spider-Man was one that distinguished himself from the other Spider-Men who exist in the Marvel Multiverse!

Catchy one-liners, action poses, giant monster battles, this show had it all! With the new Power Rangers reboot coming up, and Spider-Man being pushed into the public spotlight, this is the perfect time to re-introduce this long-forgotten Spider-Man! Tell me what you think about this below! And as always, thanks for reading!


Should Marvel think about Rebooting 'Supaidaman' for a modern audience?


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