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Here are the best Game of Thrones characters. These are the best characters the show Game of Thrones has to offer. Who was missed? Who should not be on the list?

Sandor “The Hound” Clegane

The Hound is an interesting character because for all of his evil and killing somehow deep down there was a man with an actual heart who would protect the person he was assigned too. Sure it was always about money with him but the man did his job. As a child his own brother burned his face and it was just the beginning of it all. He is what we love and hate about game of thrones wrapped in one character. Went through trauma, became a monster, reduced to an animal by powerful men and yet in the end did his job and became someone we actually cared about. He saw the kingdoms bigger picture. Never seeked forgiveness or love for what he did he just got the job done. He believed that eventually everyone gets whats coming to them, including him.

Oberyn Martell

A man with only about 30 mins of total screen time Oberyn made a statement in the few short scenes he was in throughout the show. His bloody duel with the Mountain is one scene you will never forget and the story behind his character as a whole was wonderful. One fueled by revenge against the Lannister’s and the man who murdered his sister and her children. A man who always wanted the attention on him he was suave and often got his way. He was a character that shinned brightly when he was on screen and burnt out too quickly.

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys is one of the most compelling characters in Game of Thrones. She starts off as pretty much property being sold off and turns into a queen with power and then into a true player in the game for the Iron Throne. She is the Mother of Dragons and has true power running through her blood. The problem is she has not done much with it since arriving in Meereen. She has shown growth as a character throughout the seasons but she has also show ignorance. Has been too trusting of some but completely rejecting of others. Lets hope she gets back on track and gets to the Iron Throne before she meets her demise.

Jon Snow

Is Jon Snow a bit of a Whiner? Yes, Is he a bit too moody for his own good at times? Yes, When he needs to step up and be a badass does he? Yes. Jon has had an interesting journey to get to where he is today. He is a Bastered child which automatically gets no respect in Game of Thrones. Of all the Starks he is the one that most resembled Ned. He believes in honor, ethics and doing what is right for the Kingdom. He has a heart of gold and cares about his family and friends more than anyone at the wall. He has grown from a character that felt entitled in the Nights Watch to one that has earned the respect of most of his peers.

Cersei Lannister

So It’s pretty easy to hate Cersei. She created the evil that is Joffrey. Be it through mental corruption, manipulation or incest with her brother. She for many seasons controlled everything that happened in the seven kingdoms. Partially responsible for the death of many of the Starks as well as have it out for fan favorite Tyrion, Cersie has deserved all the hate she has received. And at the same time we can’t help but feel pity for her when she lose control of the things she sets in motion. She would do anything to protect her children and her legacy and would kill or ruin anyone rather than give up her power.

Jaime Lannister

If we had to speak about which character has gotten the biggest 180 in Game of Thrones that would be Jamie. A character we all hated for a few seasons has now become a fan favorite that we all root for. He has the most baddass name in all of the kingdom, Kingslayer and before his accident was called the best in the world at what he does, Fight. The show turned Jamie into a complex character. And in a family that has Cersie and Tywin, Jamie is the second best Lannister. Sure he killed the king, has kids with his sister and was willing to kill his own cousin to escape capture, but somehow he has redeemed himself and become a character we like.

Arya Stark

She may not be the funniest, scariest or noblest characters on the show but she is the character with which we feel the most pain throughout the show. She is young, brave and truly alone since the ending of season one. A girl living in a world where woman aren’t respected or taken seriously Arya has carved her way through a number of odds to come out on the other side. We have seen her grow from sweet little child to a tragic character who has almost lost all respect for human life. The show has turned her into a veteran of war at her young age. Willing to do what it takes to survive and get her revenge.

Joffrey Baratheon

When it comes to TV Villains not many are more hated than Joffrey. Once the time came for him to meet his demise the whole world rejoiced. Starting out as a young spoiled brat he grew into a complete sociopath with too much power. You might have hated the little shit but man was the character built and portrayed so beautifully. The fact that right now you are upset he is so High on my list because you hated him so much proves that he deserves to have a proper place on the list.

Eddard Stark

Played by the best known actor of the entire cast (Sean Bean), Eddard was Game of Thrones for its 1st season. Ned to this day is still the most respected man in all of Game of Thrones. And considering he didn’t make it past season 1 that’s saying something. Everything he is a part of is what sets the major point of the show in motion. We have heard of the Stories of when he fought in battle with Robert Baratheon and how he was the true hero of it all. A man of duty and honor and believed in doing what was right for the kingdom.

Tyrion Lannister

Often the smartest man in the room Tyrion is one of the most beloved characters on the show. His journey from charming drunk to emotionally broken man has been one that we have enjoyed watching. Though he is a Lanister he is not treated like one. Blamed for his mother’s death on the day he was born he is looked down as half a man because he is a imp. He’s born into a family that tends to value power over kindness, and friendship, yet he stays true to what he believes using a non-violent approach. He brings the comedy, honesty and passion to the show.


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