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Both known and forgotten horror films of the 20th Century
Janna Dk MacDonald-Walsh

So first of all, I will own up to not watching "Snow White and the Huntsman" (2012) before seeing this film. As it turns out, you really don't need to see the first film before seeing this film, as it is both a prequel and sequel to the original film. The film is split up into two parts, the first part explaining the backstory of Ravenna (Charlize Theron) and the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth), and the second part explores the events after the adventures with Snow White. We are also introduced to the Ice Queen, Freya (Emily Blunt), whom is the sister to Ravenna, and a young woman named Sara (Jessica Chastain), the Huntsman's wife. In this new adventure we explore a land of ice, and betrayal of the worst kind, and it is up to Eric (The Huntsman) to return to the land where he grew up to save the person he loves the most. After watching the film, I was actually disappointed with myself for not having watch the first film, not because I needed any context, since the film did a good job of filling in any blanks. I was disappointed because I like how the film goes beyond the fairy tale, to explore what else can be done with the story. No one truly wants a good story to end, and as the audience we generally fantasize about what could possibly happen next. This film expands not only on the first film, but the actual story of the Evil Queen and the Huntsman, and the backstory that connects them together. The film itself is intriguing from beginning to end and filled with the magical wonder that is usually only associated with Disney films. One could almost mistake this for a Disney film, if it were not for several sensual moments between two of the main characters. The biggest flaw that I noticed with the film is the lack of one of the main characters from the first film, which was Snow White (Kristen Stewart). Not having Snow White in the story was very noticeable and it would have been better to recast the actress than not have the character.


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