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Before we begin, here's a recap of last week's episode. Don't worry, there is a more in-depth version.

Hive was able to infect Daisy's mind, she stole the Kree device from the lockup, killed Gideon Malick, and take Lincoln's mist crystals. It ended with her burying the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters and trapping everybody inside.

However, they were able to escape the wreckage and now It's a race to find the Inhumans after Daisy leaves and meets up with Hive. He plans to infect every Inhuman in the world, and Coulson, May, and Lincoln are trying to try to get to them first.

Their first stop is Alisha Whitley (the cloner), Lincoln tells her about Hive and how S.H.I.E.L.D. can protect her, but they are too late. She has already fallen under Hive's control. May and Lincoln try to get her to tell them where Daisy is, but both clones are killed.

Daisy brings Hive to James in search of a device compatible with the Kree sphere he gave to Lincoln in 'Paradise Lost'. When he claims not to know anything about it, Daisy breaks a crystal, transforming him into an Inhuman with the ability to blow up anything he touches. After having a panic attack, Hive brings James under his control.

Fitz and Simmons go undercover to find a transhumanist doctor named Holden Radcliffe developing parasite resisting medicine and are able to arrange a meeting with him. However, Daisy and Hive confront them and capture Radcliffe, while Mack and James get into an explosive fight in the club upstairs.

Daisy tells Fitz that if he loves Simmons, they would stop trying to save her, she then threatens him that she'll break his neck next time, and leaves.

Using Malick's intel, all of Hydra's infrastructure is destroyed, ending the organization once and for all. However, Hive and the Inhumans lay low, he tells them that the Kree were performing experiments on him that made him an Inhuman, and he intends to have Radcliffe recreate them.

It seems the split won't be between Agents and the Secret Warriors, but among the Inhumans themselves. As Hive grows his army over the remaining episodes, an all-out battle is in the horizon. With Hydra gone, it seems that the Avengers might be out of work for a while. Then again, it might give other villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to spread their wings.

War is coming.


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