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Ok, guys, I think I'm an Inhuman. Only Inhumans buy Hive's crap, but his plans were explained so beautifully that I was legit on board. Let's make a peaceful Inhuman world. I'm in. Ok, seriously though, this whole episode was over-all pretty good. In fact, let's just dive in.

Season 3 Episode 18: The Singularity

The agents are in a big ol' mess again. Daisy broke everything (don't be such a party pooper Daisy!) and walked out with the steam punk orb and the Terrigen. Hive is all, "Hey, we're in Griffith Park. Also, I know everything Ward knows, but tell me everything about yourself anyways!" and Daisy recaps season 2 for us. Meanwhile, all the pore little normals (excluding Lincoln 'cause, well, he's whiney and I hate him) are trying to fix the huge gaping mess Daisy left, until Coulson's like, "Hey, we can do this during off season! Let's go find Daisy and try to prevent Hive from Hiving all the Inhumans we know! Also, FitzSimmons, fix Daisy. K? Thx!"

Coulson sends Fitz and Simmons to go find a scientist who may know how to fix anyone who's been Hived. He, May, and Lincoln: The Emo Inhuman go after Ginger Ninja who they believe Hive and Daisy will be after. Coulson tells Lincoln he can come, but only if he wears a bomb vest that will explode if May hits a button. Lincoln throws another fit. Lincoln, where ever you are, OF COURSE THEY DON'T TRUST YOU! YOU BREAK THE RULES AND THROW TANTRUMS! YOU'RE THE ANDY DICK OF AoS AND THUS YOU TEND TO BE OFF-PUTTING!!!

Coulson, May, and Lincoln discover that Ginger Ninja has already been Hived, while Hive and Daisy go to find Diet Wolverine. Daisy gives him his powers, and it turns out, he's actually not Diet Wolverine at all! He's Australian knock off Gambit! I love it! He can make anything he touches explode. That's pretty dang cool! Am I right? Kudos on the power picking AoS writers. You did good with this one!

Hive and Daisy told him that they needed the other piece of the steam punk orb. Pre-powers Australian knock off Gambit was having none of it, but post-powers Australian knock off Gambit was like, "Destroy my home! I hid it under the floorboards!".

After the whole Ginger Ninja fiasco, the team looks for Daisy but only finds that Australian knock off Gambit has rigged his house to explode. They only did this to show that Coulson has a freaking energy shield built into his hand! Heck yeah! However, Hive and Daisy are long gone.

They're on route to FitzSimmons' little mission!

I know a lot happened in this portion of the episode, but the gist is:

1: Daisy will kill any other agents that try to interfere, but other wise, she and Hive have nothing against SHIELD

2: Jemma tells Hive that he may have other people's memories, but he isn't them. Then she casually unloads her pistol into his stomach (I would have lead with that, but, who am I to judge?)

3: FitzSimmons are done taking it slow because crazy crap keeps happening to them. They go from taking it slow to getting busy in a hotel 007 style.

My current theory: Simmons is going to get pregnant, then they're going to kill Fitz in space. Why would they do this? To destroy my hopes and dreams! That's why! What are your predictions for AoS's remaining episodes? Tell me below in the comments!


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