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Lionel Vamessi

20th century fox has offered a mystery role to Withnail and I star Richard E Grant in the upcoming Wolverine movie.It has been rumoured that Grant will play a mad scientist in the James Mangold film.We all know that Marvel comics has got a ton of evil scientists associated with the X-men,meaning that he could be playing one of the major Weapon X scientists like Abraham Cornelius who is responsible for Wolverine's death in the comics or Professor Andre Thorton the original director of weapon X who is linked to Wolverine's adamantium bonding and the creation of X-23 or he might be playing someone like Mister Sinister.Fans are excited to see Grant joining Hugh Jackman,Patrick Stewart and Boyd Holbrook.A May start date is being planned with production set to take place in Mexico and New Orleans.We've heard that X-23 might make an appearance while rumours swirl that the upcoming film will be R rated following Deadpool's success and we could be seeing a lot of blood when Logan pops up his claws again.

Wolverine 3 will be directed by James Mangold and is expected to arrive in theatres on March 3rd 2017


What do you think Richard E Grant will be playing?


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