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*This article is going to have a lot of spoilers from Man of Steel, BvS and Superman IV, so if you have not seen either of those films, save this article and read this after watching those movies*

Now I'm not trying to compare 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice' with 'Superman IV: The Quest for Peace', which is regarded as the worst Superman film ever made, but I'm trying to compare the build up of Doomsday in BvS with events in Superman IV.

In Batman V Superman, Lex Luthor has been given access to General Zod's ship which was taken by the. government after the events of 'Man Of Steel' and General Zod's body. By using his resources of Kryptonian life and discovering the secrets of Kal-El and his alien and human lifestyle

He uses the DNA of General Zod and Lex's own blood to create a dangerous monster named 'Doomsday', a Kryptonian life creature with the same powers as Superman and is determined to kill the Man Of Steel. This results in Superman defeating Doomsday with the Kryptonite spear, and Doomsday also killing Superman by stabbing him in the chest from his sharp bones.

Rewind almost 3 decades before and Superman IV: The Quest For Peace is released, by far the worst Superman film of them all!

Here enters Lex Luthor discovering every possible way to destroy the Last son of Krypton. After stealing a piece of Superman's hair from a museum and create a genetic matrix which Alex attaches to a nuclear launch. After the missile is launched into space, Superman throws it into the sun, which creates the Kryptonian like being, Nuclear Man! Lex trains Nuclear Man to destroy Superman as he believes he is a threat to his plans. Superman is framed to have been killed, although he stays alive and defeats Nuclear Man.

Now does this sound familiar to you from the current DC blockbuster?


Is this a theory discovered that Zack Snyder might have been inspired by one of the worst superhero films of all time? Is this another excuse of people disliking 'Batman V Superman'?

Although we can all agree that Batman V Superman is a much successful film then what Superman IV was at the time, even if you didn't like it, you would be happy to watch this film then the poorly written and poorly produced 1987 film.

I'm hoping this theory may come a shock to most people, and maybe even less surprising considering your opinion on either film.


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