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Apparently, being Tony Stark's golden boy is no guarantee of loyalty.

In yet another new TV spot for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)— the 32nd so far, if you can believe it — we get a brief look at what happens after Spider-Man makes his dramatic arrival.

Although fighting on the side of Team Iron Man — as you would expect, given that Tony's friendship with Peter Parker will extend into Spider-Man: Homecoming — Spidey still finds time to fanboy it up when meeting Captain America for the first time. Well, he's only human. (For more on this relationship dynamic, head to Why Spider-Man's Relationship With Captain America Matters For The MCU.)

Check out the TV spot below.

"Hey everyone," Spidey begins. "Captain, big fan." Stark's dry response is classic: "We don't need to start a conversation." That's why I love Iron Man.

While it's an amusing little interplay between heroes on opposing sides, the dialogue actually adds an extra dimension to the film's premise. It reinforces the fact that this fight is, for most of the Avengers involved, ideological, not personal.

In other words, in another world Spider-Man would probably kill to spend a few hours shadowing Captain America — and yet, in this context, he's doing battle with Bucky Barnes, Captain's great ally.

By the way, am I the only one who can't get over how young Spidey sounds? I know he's America's original young superhero, but damn, there's something surreal about a hero with the voice of a kid going to war with a machine like Bucky Barnes. I hope for the sake of Aunt May's sanity, she thinks he's doing after-hours math or something.

Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters Stateside on May 6, although it arrives across Europe today, so you should be on red-hot spoiler alert for the next week or so if you don't want the fact that Peter Parker dies, only to be replaced by Miles Morales, spoiled for you.

I kid, I kid.

Can Spider-Man hold his own against the experience of Team Captain?


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