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Today, marks 'Captain America: Civil War' to be 9 days away here in North America. Yet, internationally it is due to release on April 27th followed with a release in the United Kingdom on April 29th. As these are just rumors, I would advise you to head to another article if you rather not be spoiled.

Possible Spoilers Up Ahead.

Here's what I got from a close friend, without spoiling the entire film for myself.

  • Tony tries to get revenge for his father's death.
  • A friend of Tony's gets paralyzed.
  • He fights and loses against Team Captain America
  • Pepper Potts leaves him.
  • Tony is blamed for the deaths of people.
  • Spider and Tony have a long relationship.
  • Spiderman scenes are majority CGI.
  • No hero dies in the movie.
  • Ant-man changes. Yes, he grows into Giant-Man.
  • Black Panther vs. Giant-Man
  • Spider vs. Giant-Man
  • Someone close to Captain dies.

My guess is James Rhodes (WarMachine) would end up being the one that gets paralyzed. The scene where he's shot from the sky appears extremely traumatic. It will be followed with Ironman cradling him while he lies unconscious.

It's certain that my guesses on the Black Panther and Giant-Man battling might be true after all. For the Giant-Man rumors, click here. While these seem interesting, they're still just rumors. If they were to be true, Marvel/Disney has begun to take more risks with their characters. This will give the audiences and fans the chance to experience more from the characters they've spent years watching. I'm actually hoping this to be true. While we wait, check out the new Tv spot. There's more from our friendly neighbor.

'Captain America: Civil War' makes its way into North America theaters on May 6th.


Your thoughts on these rumors.


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