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There is no shortage of twisted baddies, maniacs, psychos, murderers, etc. in the world of American Horror Story. With the details of Season 6 slowly unfolding, we're taking a look at characters from seasons past, whose actions have ranged from wow to what the actual f**k, and we can't wait to see what twisted and deranged things will come from Season 6. Cue that iconic theme music, because here are the top 10 characters you love to hate — or just love — who knows what you are into?

10. Sister Jude

Let us start off on a light note, shall we? Of course, Sister Jude (or Judy Martin), is not as bad as some of the people we are about to see on this list. As the head of Briarcliff, Sister Jude ruled with an iron fist. She was always up for disciplining the inmates — from flogging bare butts, ordering sterilizations, and not to forget she blackmailed Lana Winters's lover into committing Lana to the asylum. I think it is safe to say that Jude was a major capital-B bitch. Her fall from grace and ultimate redemption however (which made for a truly emotional finale), puts Sister Jude in the No. 10 spot.

9. Tate Langdon

The character that made many teenage girls swoon. Though I failed to see any charming aspects to Tate, many people with hearts in their eyes seem blind to the fact that Tate was a monster of a human. Examples: He killed 15 people during a school shooting, set a man on fire, killed a gay couple when they wouldn't produce a baby that he would later give to the original owner of the house (Nora Montgomery), wore a gimp suit and raped and impregnated his girlfriend's mother — need I go on? With enough mommy issues for two lifetimes, Tate Langdon is definitely a bad boy.

8. Dandy Mott

Basically the Tate Langdon of the fourth season. This spoiled brat gives me major Norman Bates vibes with his strange connection to his mother, Gloria Mott. When we first meet Dandy he seems like a normal, posh man, but his true colors start to unfold as the season progresses. After being denied to join the freak show, Dandy unleashes his murderous side (which first began when he killed the family cat as a little boy). Dandy's psychotic acts range from turning his mothers corpse into a puppet to killing every single one of Elsa's freaks. I definitely would not want a playdate with him.

7. The Axeman

The Axeman of New Orleans. This saxophone-playing, jazz-loving Axeman was based on the real serial killer that tormented the people of New Orleans during the early 1900s. Meeting his death at the hands of a group of witches, he makes the list for obvious reasons — he would axe people to death if they didn't play jazz on Halloween? Could you get more psycho? Clearly you can (with the rest on this list).

6. Twisty

The bubbly clown trope gone wrong. Taking inspiration from the infamous John Wayne Gacy a.k.a. the murderous Killer Clown, Twisty was guaranteed to give everyone nightmares. Teased and taunted by the other freaks he was once a part of, Twisty attempted suicide but failed — resulting in the creepy mouth mask he wears to cover the grisly result of his failure. Using his various objects from his time as a performer, he bashes and murders people; you wouldn't want him at your child's party.

5. Dr. Thredson

He is "clearly insane." Dr. Oliver Thredson's reveal as the killer Bloody Face was definitely a shock. Once again — a major case of mommy issues right here! Thredson lived a double life as a psychiatrist and a murdering maniac. He would put on a mask made from previous victims, hence the name Bloody Face, and would kidnap and skin women.

Thredson takes a liking to Lana Winters and "breaks her out" of Briarcliff, offering her safety and freedom. Turns out she was just one of his victims: He locks her up, rapes her and (most unnervingly) makes an incision in her nipple so he could feed as if he were a baby. WTF!

4. James Patrick March

Welcome to the torture chamber! Evan Peters makes the list again with his Season 5 character James Patrick March — the original owner of the Hotel Cortez. Loosely based on "America's first serial killer" H.H. Holmes, Mr. March built his hotel with various torture rooms to trap his guests.

Later he would cut, drain, bludgeon, etc. all those who made the mistake of checking into the Cortez. Think twice about your reservations.

3. Dr. Arthur Arden

James Cromwell as Dr. Arden
James Cromwell as Dr. Arden

Dr. Arthur Arden was known to butt heads with Sister Jude, he swooned whenever he saw Mary Eunice, and of course — he was a Nazi! Known as Hans Gruber during his war-crime days, Gruber would conduct horrifying experiments on people, a practice he continued as Dr. Arden when he started working at Briarcliff.

Don't forget the flashback we saw in Freak Show — where Elsa Mars was in a snuff film and her legs were tragically cut off with a chainsaw — who was holding the chainsaw? Hans Gruber a.k.a. Dr. Arden.

2. Delphine LaLaurie

Kathy Bates as Madame Lalaurie
Kathy Bates as Madame Lalaurie

The notorious socialite of New Orleans. Sadistic is the best way to describe this character. Another real-life person brought into the world of American Horror Story, Kathy Bates's LaLaurie was based on the very real-life woman who brutally tortured and killed her house slaves. Gutting, pulling out eyeballs and other organs — all kinds of messed up stuff that was unfortunately all too real.

1. Sister Mary Eunice

Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice
Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice

Come on now, she literally had the f**king devil in her! In my opinion, this is perhaps Lily Rabe's best role in American Horror Story. She went from the sweet and innocent Mary Eunice McKee to pure evil real quick, after being possessed in Episode 2 "Tricks and Treats."

From killing people to covering up Arden's experiments and orchestrating the fall of Sister Jude (and least we forget having the devil inside her), Sister Mary Eunice takes the crown for number one villain!

Honorable mentions!

  • Baby-crazed Hayden McClaine (Kate Mara) (Murder House)
  • Bloody Face Junior Johnny Morgan (Dylan McDermott) (Asylum)
  • Voodoo queen Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) (Coven)
  • Bitch witches Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) and Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) (Coven)
  • Strongman Dell Toledo (Michael Chiklis) (Freak Show)

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