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In the wake of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), we're all eagerly awaiting Suicide Squad, especially the appearance of one Caped Crusader. We caught a glimpse of Batman in the first trailer for Suicide Squad as he chased down the Joker and Harley Quinn while out on a joy ride. The third trailer only whet our appetites further, showing tantalizing shots of Batman diving into a river and carrying Harley to the Batmobile.

This has led many to speculate that Batman will have a much bigger role in Suicide Squad than we'd originally expected, especially considering his supposedly epic fight with Deadshot.

But if you're hoping for an awesome showdown between Task Force X and the Dark Knight, you're in for a disappointment, if what Karen Fukuhara says is anything to go by.

A Bat Cameo

When speaking to at the recent CinemaCon, Fukuhara (who plays Katana) explained how she never even encountered Ben Affleck on set:

"I actually didn't get to meet him on set. I think Margot did, but I didn't have a scene with him."

The scene Fukuhara is referring to, between Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) and Ben Affleck's Batman could well be the moment we caught a glimpse of in the third trailer.

Batman helps out Harley in "Suicide Squad."
Batman helps out Harley in "Suicide Squad."

So it seems that far from being a major part of the story, Batman's appearances will be confined to flashbacks about the Joker and Harley, and that one fight scene with Deadshot. This might come as a disappointment to some fans, but this is probably the best thing for the movie, as shining a spotlight on Batman in Suicide Squad would upstage the other characters.

However, Batman clearly has a pivotal role in Harley Quinn's story, but whether he is confined to flashbacks or appears in the present-day part of the action remains to be seen.

Katana's True To The Comics

Fukuhara also talked about her character Katana, the badass sword-wielding assassin who's working for Amanda Waller.

Katana defeats Enchantress's demons.
Katana defeats Enchantress's demons.

In the comics, Katana is an antihero who has fought on both sides of good versus evil conflicts. Most recently, she joined the Birds of Prey, a crime fighting team founded by Batgirl and Black Canary (which could get its own DCEU film in the near future). Vicious, taciturn and mysterious, Katana often unnerves her teammates as she talks to her deceased husband while on missions. Fukuhara explained how they incorporated this into Suicide Squad:

"She has her husband's soul in her sword and I got to talk to Maseo throughout the film and yes, of course that's the in the film, but you'll have to wait and see how much of the plays into the movie."

Katana's sword, Soul Taker, has the power to absorb the souls of those she kills, which is very convenient when she needs to question her fallen foes.

Katana and Black Canary in "Birds of Prey."
Katana and Black Canary in "Birds of Prey."

Hopefully we'll get to see Katana converse with the dead in Suicide Squad, as this is one of the most interesting, and creepy, parts of her character. But for all her morbidity, Fukuhara stressed that we will see Katana's heroic nature, too:

"She's very loyal to Amanda Waller and Rick Flag. She works under them and keeps a rowdy bunch in line. She's a protector and a fierce warrior."

Although we didn't get to see much of her in the trailers, Katana is one of Suicide Squad's most interesting characters.

Katana and Soul Taker in "Suicide Squad."
Katana and Soul Taker in "Suicide Squad."

From what Fukuhara says, it seems that this incarnation of Katana will perfectly fuse her dark origins with her desire to protect people. And we can't wait to see how this all plays out — even if we won't actually see her come face to face with Batman.

Which character are you most excited for in Suicide Squad? Tell us in the comments!



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