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In a recent talk with Interview Magazine, the Fifty Shades star Dakota Johnson opened up to Chrissie Hynde about feeling overwhelmed and confused and — well, just like every other 20-something that doesn't have their sh*t figured out yet.

Dakota Johnson in How To Be Single
Dakota Johnson in How To Be Single

After a little complaining about strenuous sex simulation on set of the new Fifty Shades movie, she got down to the true confessions:

"I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing. Like, I'm unsure of what my life will be like. I mean, I have such an obsession with making movies that I probably will always do that. But sometimes my life can feel so suffocating, and then it can feel so massive, like I don't have a handle on it at all, and I don't know where it's going or what I'm going to do. Right now, I'm known for making movies. And I wonder if that's it. I don't know. It doesn't feel like it to me."

Later, she continued:

"At least once a week I'm like, 'Who am I, and what the fuck am I doing?'"

We feel ya, Dakota!

She might play a BDSM babe in the movies, and she might be the spawn of superstar parents, but Dakota Johnson is basically all of us.

1. She Plays Dumb Games With Her Friends

2. She Loves Her Mom

3. And Her Dad

4. She Has Wardrobe Malfunctions

5. She Plays Beer Pong

Source: The Daily Mail
Source: The Daily Mail

6. She Can't Make Up Her Mind

"I've been in Vancouver now for almost two months, and I'm here about five or six months total. I haven't been in one place for that long in maybe five or six years. And I found myself getting completely erratic with what I wanted to do with my free time—like, what books I was going to read or albums I wanted to listen to, what movies I wanted to watch. I couldn't ever pick one. I couldn't figure out what to do. And Vancouver, it's so rainy here that when there's a sunny day, people lose their minds and they don't know whether to go ride a bike or whether to go for a walk or what, and it's insane. That's how I sort of feel in my brain right now."

Stay strong, girl.

Why do you relate to Dakota Johnson?

Source: Interview Magazine


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