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Unless you locked yourself in your room over the weekend without an internet connection and your phone safely turned off and buried somewhere out of reach, you know that Beyoncé took the world by surprise once more by dropping a surprise visual album titled Lemonade.

Once everyone stopped freaking out enough to react to this pop culture phenomenon, Lemonade turned out to be a lot of different things depending on who you asked. Is it simply a new track list? A visually stunning video? A political statement made by a black woman? Or a petty dab at a husband made by a jealous wife? Judging from the social media reactions that followed the album's release, it might just be all of that.

1. There Was Teary-Eyed Joy (Obviously)

It'd be foolish to try and collect all the oh-my-god moments, since the Twittersphere was just filled with declarations of eternal love and incredulous admiration for Queen B and her Lemonade. Whatever you think of the quality of the songs or the video in the end, it's undeniably an impressive and already iconic piece of work. For one thing, HBO thinks she deserves an Emmy for it.

2. Black Women Celebrated Lemonade

It seems like since her song "Formation," which she casually debuted at the Super Bowl, Beyoncé has taken a much sharper stance for feminism and black women's rights. Her video for "Formation" proves it, and Lemonade was acclaimed as another much needed celebration of black beauty.

3. Two Celebrities Argued Lemonade As Appropriation

As was the case for "Formation," the multitude of inspirations, references, and nods to artists or celebrities in Lemonade led to some accusations of stealing. Singer and rapper Azealia Banks was not pleased, claiming Beyoncé's political discourse wasn't authentic.

It was a quick change of heart on her side, however, since her initial reaction was clearly more positive. I guess a second listen will always make you realize something new.

Iggy Azalea also criticized Lemonade, but for a very specific reason. While Beyoncé seemingly said in her song "Sorry" that Jay-Z was cheating on her with "Becky with the good hair," prompting the Beyhive to go on an unforgiving witch hunt online, Azalea said "Becky" was more of a racist term for white woman to her. That could actually be a clue to finding out who Becky is.

4. Some Tried To Steal The Moment

Kim Kardashian posted a series of sultry pictures on her Instagram when Lemonade dropped, and the internet was not going to believe in coincidence. She quickly got backlash for trying to steal the spotlight, with Twitter users making tiny tweaks to her photos such as this one:

Meanwhile, the Beyhive was swarming to find the Becky who apparently wrecked Beyoncé and Jay-Z's marriage. Pro tip: You do not want to be a target of the Beyhive, who inundated the Instagram comments of Suspect No. 1 Rachel Roy with bee and lemon emojis (as well as those of poor Rachael Ray).

But taunting the Beyhive still seemed like a fun game to celebrities such as singer Rita Ora, who posted a Snap wearing a lemon bra and a 'J' around her neck.

5. Jay-Z Memes Took Over The Internet

But all in all, memes imagining poor Jay-Z's life post Lemonade were probably the best reactions we've seen.

What was your reaction to Beyoncé's Lemonade?


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